Weigh****chers After Surgery?

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on 3/24/14 3:27 am

Has anyone joined Weigh****chers after surgery for a support group?  There are no support groups local to me for WLS or obesity.  There are WW meetings.  They say people who go to a support group keep the weight off better.  I'm wondering if WW would help- I know they discuss healthy eating, exercise and issues that come with being overweight and trying to get healthy.  Anyone?

Kate -True Brit
on 3/24/14 3:40 am - UK

Kathkeb. Regular on here and uses WW. She was answering posts yesterday so shouod be easy enough to find  

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on 3/24/14 3:55 am

I re-joined WW about 6 weeks after my surgery and went all the way through Lifetime and about 2 years of maintenance before I stopped going to meetings.

I could not eat according to their program, but did my own thing and enjoyed the group support.

At the point I went back, I was losing about 2-3 pounds per week which for my size was within their guidelines, so no one questioned my rate of loss.

If you have an RNY and lose quicker, they may suggest you slow down your weight loss and you may have to disclose your surgery.


on 3/24/14 5:03 am

I did.  I joined when I only had about 10 pounds left, but I wanted the accountability.  The key to me is a good leader.  I don't follow the plan at all.

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on 3/24/14 5:50 am

That's kind of what I'm thinking- I won't be able to follow the plan, but I can track my eating and make sure I'm following my WLS guidelines.  I'm planning on only going 2x a month, so I may not need to disclose my surgery.  If I have to, that's fine, I'm just a private person.  

Do you find the topics they cover helpful?  Hearing about others struggles and triumphs?  I wish we had a local WLS group, but the nearest is over 2 hours away.  I'd consider the drive, but the meeting is at 10:30 am on a weekday.  


A. Kondrlik
on 3/24/14 6:07 am
VSG on 01/24/13

I have joined weigh****chers many times pre op.  It took my surgery to get where I am , but weigh****chers provides a lot of great information and support



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on 3/24/14 7:24 am
VSG on 04/24/14 with

I also have been bemoaning few support opportunities in my area.Love the idea of joining WW for support and accountability! Thanks

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