pls help

on 3/24/14 4:29 am - hanover, Canada

on thursday i had my orienttion in guelph at this time there was a man there that had the gastric bypass surgery already i was inspired by him and im hoping hes on this wall somewhere all i know is that he is from the london area he is a  support group there if i met u at the orientation on thursday march 20 in guelph ont pls find me


Cathy W.
on 3/24/14 6:27 am

I hope you find him!  You might try doing a Member Search.  Good luck!

on 3/24/14 6:50 am - hanover, Canada

im gonna try and call the bariatric team not that they will give me his name but im hoping if i give them my email address then they will pass it on to him


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