Please help me get ready for my pre-op diet!

on 4/20/14 8:52 am

My surgery is scheduled for Thurs. May 8. This Tues. I go for final blood work and a 2 hour group meeting with the dietician where she will explain what we eat for the two weeks before surgery. I want to get a jump-start on this. Please share with me what you ate before surgery besides protein shakes. Thanks in advance. 

on 4/20/14 9:02 am - OH

My pre op diet may be very different than yours.  For instance, mine was only for one week.  So I could tell you what i ate in the two weeks before surgery but your dietician may not want you to eat the same things I ate.

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on 4/20/14 5:17 pm

Please wait until your appt to start the diet. Every doctors office is different but I believe the main goal of the diet is to shrink your liver so that it is easier to do the surgery. One of my coworkers had a 10 day diet of protein shakes and water while mine was only one day of liquids and that was it. I was shocked at the difference but I think a longer pre op diet sets your body up for more weight loss in the beginning so it's a good thing.

Hope this helps. I was kinda random.

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on 4/22/14 9:06 am - Bay City, MI
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Start cutting back early. I have had to go through this twice. Once for a lapband and just 12 days ago for a RNY. Have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and then a moderate dinner. It really did help get me through those 10 days. Once you get through the first 3 days its a little easier. Good luck.