Bounce back weight?

on 4/25/14 4:10 am

So I've heard throughout my journey about bounce back weight. What's funny is according to my signature, I am pretty much where I wanted to be when I joined OH.  The lowest I got was to 145...for a week if even that. I stayed at 150 give or take a pound for 2 1/2 year or so. Now I hover around 163-165 and I just passed the 4 year mark. My husband says my body was different at 150, looser skin, bony in parts but likes it now. I wear a lot of jeans and have wore a size 10 forever. But now they are tight. I can squeeze into them but very uncomfortable. I fit nicely into a size 12 and I love them a little snug. But I can't get myself to accept 12 is where I am going to stay so I won't throw out the size 10's. Most of it looks like it's the whole midlife weight, going through perimenopause body. I read everywhere women get a bit thicker in the middle. I have. I still eat healthy and watch what I eat. My "pouch" still does it's job. I will be 49 this July. I refuse to gain any more weight but I can't get down to 150 anymore. Maybe I need to do the pouch test. But even if I get there I think it will be a HUGE struggle to stay there. I am active and I do a lot of horse riding. That has been my motivation to keep weight off all this time. I get so angry with myself over the 15 lb gain but wonder if this is where my body is happy at. Anyone going through the same thing?

HW 268/SW 255/CW 150/GW 160
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