What did you feel like after your sleeve surgery in the hospital and at the beginning at home?

on 5/5/14 3:50 am

My surgery is Thursday. My nervousness started yesterday morning. Nothing too bad, just the usual nerves. I have had many many surgeries so I know what to expect procedure wise. But I've never had most of my stomach removed. I'm wondering about nausea after the procedure. I don't think the pain should be too unbearable, I'll be having a morphine pump in the hospital. I know that when I've had surgery where they have had to move my insides all around, that usually doesn't feel too good. My mastectomies were not terrible. I think because boobs are on the outside of your body so they don't need to move other organs around. Please share your experience with me, the good and the not so good. Thanks.

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VSG on 03/07/14

I felt pretty good.  The first day/night I was in pain, but I was up using the toilet and walking the halls the afternoon of my surgery day.  I did not have a pain pump, so I had to be sure and ask for pain meds before it got too rough. 

I did well on my water intake, but every swallow took effort - I felt every drop going down and then like it was sitting in a slow funnel going into my stomach.  Once I learned that room temperature water hurt less - I was all set.

I was off the IV pain meds after the 2nd night, and off the oral stuff by day 5, took Tylenol on day 6 and that was it.

I get really bad motion sickness and told the anesthesiologist in pre-op and he gave me a scopalomine 3 day patch and extra nausea meds during surgery.  Then I was on IV nausea meds in the hospital and on oral meds the first week home.  I had one moment of thinking I would vomit after a dose of the IV pain meds on day 2 - but it passed and I was OK after that.  I stopped the nausea meds at 1 week post op and haven't needed them since. 

I was also put on a PPI (for reflux) for the first 2 months.  So far so good weaning off of them now.

Overall I had an easy experience.  I bounced back really quickly and didn't have any complications. I had surgery on a Friday, went home Sunday.  The first night home was fine - I was pretty useless, but the next morning I was up and helping to get my 2 & 3 year olds ready for daycare.  By day 5 I was running errands, day 6 I was out car shopping, and was pretty much back to normal by the weekend.

Good Luck to you!

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Congrats on your up and coming surgery! I had two weeks ago. Once I woke up in recovery I was in n out of it. I did complain of having a lot of pain but I was also terrified being in there. Have no idea why. I didn't have much nausea. I remember rushing to walk and I got really nausea but the meds are wonderful. The only other time was after drinking that awful drink for the upper gi. I had a very hard time getting liquids in, much harder then I thought it would be. I didn't have much pain but the first night I had the worse gas and cried most the night due to the pain and I have a pretty high tolerance. But everyone is different. By day 5 I was feeling great and hardly any pain. Good luck to you!

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VSG on 04/24/14 with

I felt pretty groggy the first day. Had shoulder pain for a few hours(gas). The next day I was walking the halls and getting down ice chips. No real pain except the left side where the largest incision was. After I got home I felt ok. The days were spent sipping and napping. 

Good luck on your upcoming surgery.

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VSG on 04/25/14 with

My surgery was on a friday & I was home on sunday, after the surgery I was pretty nauseous, dry heaves, they gave me meds & I was ok, they even put a alcohol swab on the bridge of my nose when I had the heaves & it made it go away, weird. Anyway I was sleepy most of the time that 1st night, felt a little better the 2nd night & was doing my laps around the floor & sipping water, the 3rd day felt much better was able to drink more liquids & was discharged that afternoon along with my meds.

My soreness was mostly at 1 particular incision point & I'm guessing that's where my stomach was pulled, had to hold my stomach getting up & down from bed a couple of times, had pain meds & walking helped. I took off from work for a week & went back the following week, and now a whopping 10 days post op feel much like myself, ran errands & was able to lie on my stomach for a little while in bed. I so missed that & I don't need any pain meds, other than a nausea incident on my 5th day post op, had meds, was ok, nothing since then.

Good luck on your upcoming surgery!

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VSG on 04/24/14

After my surgery I had a lot of nausea and stayed an extra day in the hospital due to it. They gave me antinausea meds in the hospital which helped but I do know that I was very groggy in the hospital, most likely from the pain meds. Anyway I did not have much pain, of course my stomach was sore but pain....no and I stopped taking all pain meds by day 5. I became comfortable with my liquid intake around day 4. Today I am at day 12 and feel wonderful! 

Congratulations on your surgery and just remember to rest when you need to because it is a big surgery and your body will need to heal.

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VSG on 05/24/13

I've had two C-sections and gallbladder surgery in addition to VSG surgery.  I'm not sure which one you are having but I can tell you that the recovery from C-sections was MUCH worse than recovering from my WLS.  I had surgery on Friday, went home on Sunday and was driving and running errands on Tuesday.  

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