Question not for the faint of heart

on 5/12/14 10:17 am

Had gastric sleeve surgery 4 days ago. Was hungry tonight and had 1 cup of Campbell's Tomato Soup, made it with milk. I am allowed to have strained cream soups. Soon after eating, I had a bout of explosive diarrhea. The soup has 12 grams of sugar. Could that have been from the sugars in the soup, or did I eat too much?

on 5/12/14 11:40 am

With a Sleeve, you're not likely to have 'dumping syndrome', although some Sleevers do react badly to sugar in the early days. But I'm more inclined to think it's the milk---many, many people become lactose intolerant immediately after surgery. Lactase, the enzyme necessary to break down lactose, is produced by the stomach. Suddenly you have so much less stomach tissue that you can't produce enough lactase, and the result is often explosive diarrhea.

For many, this corrects itself in time. And there's a product called, I think, Lact-ease. It supplies lactase to help you digest the lactose.

on 5/12/14 12:03 pm

Actually, it was lactose free milk. I'm thinking it must have been the sugar.

on 5/12/14 1:47 pm
RNY on 04/17/14

It may have been the acidity from the tomatoes as well as the amount you ate.  Try a quarter cup of anything first then increase it if your stomach can handle it.  In our classes, we were taught to stick with low fat cream of chicken or mushroom strained for the first two weeks.  Good luck!


Valerie G.
on 5/13/14 4:26 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I, too, think acid from tomatoes.  Sleeves shouldn't have bad reactions to sugar.  You didn't get bypass.

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