on 5/23/14 8:32 am
RNY on 05/06/14

I didn't realize how constipated I was. I had a couple of small bowel movements.  Well, let me tell you after 3 hrs in the bathroom and 2 fleet enemas I was left feeling weak and sore.  I am so afraid that will happen again! No one wants to go through that!  I am drinking extra water.  I called the dr. Office will be taking ducolax and Miralax.  Anyone using these drugs and do they work well?

Amber G.
on 5/23/14 9:04 am
VSG on 04/02/14

I had the same experience, but the home enemas did not work for me :( So I had to take a mortifying trip to the ER. OMG I never want to go through that again! I am now doing a 1/2 cap of Miralax in my shake daily, and it seems to be working okay. 

on 5/23/14 9:30 am
RNY on 05/06/14

I am sorry you had to go through that.  

on 7/24/14 2:47 am

I am pre-surgery but my PCP told me to use mirilax because I've always had a problem with constipation loooove it! Really works. 

Good luck


on 5/23/14 10:21 am

I also take Miralax, it's great. It works differently than most laxatives. It doesn't cause you to have diarrhea or cramp, it just allows more water into your stools and it makes it much easier to go



on 5/23/14 1:54 pm
VSG on 04/24/14 with

I used dulcolax for the first time last week also for constipation. Wow it worked . Good luck!

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on 5/23/14 9:23 pm - FL
RNY on 01/07/14

Both are on my surgeon's list of acceptable OTC meds. The advice I was given was to drink lots of water and walk, walk, walk!

RNY 1/7/2014 with Jeffery Lord, Pensacola, FL

on 5/24/14 12:11 am

I used both.. I am a nurse, and so I knew things were going bad when it had been several days of very small BM's. I took the dulcolax, then followed up the next day with Miralax, it is definately more gentle... But I am about 6 weeks out, and it is not longer an issue. 

on 5/24/14 12:47 am

Eat more fat.

on 5/24/14 6:44 am - Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA
Revision on 12/18/13

I suffered SO badly with it I gave myself Diverticulitis - you do NOT want that - trust me.

I now take magnesium citrate (same as Milk of Mag), 3x a day, Colace, 3x day, and I add Miralax to one of my 32 oz of decaf iced tea every day - and sometimes I STILL get stopped up.  When I do, out comes the MOM, it works it's magic and I'm back to normal.  But I can't miss ONE dose or I'm stopped up.

My goal is to never ever have another case of Diver.. if I do, the surgeon says, Yup, it's a bowel resection for you!  And I do NOT want that.

So whatever works for you, stay on top of it.



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