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on 5/26/14 8:56 am
RNY on 05/06/14

Does everyone keep track of food?  I am post op and do time to time in Sparkpeople but not always.  I find it hard to keep track of the small amounts of milk or other minuscule items in a recipe.

on 5/26/14 9:28 am

I used MyFitnessPal, both the app on my phone and the website. I like it because it automatically syncs up with my Fit Bit which tracks my activity levels so I can also monitor calories I'm burning throughout the day and add in actual exercise too.

Logging small portions of things is tricky in most of the electronic diary's. I used Sparkpeople before for a while and still go back frequently because their recipe calculator is pretty easy to use.  In either site I find myself making a ton of custom entries.  After about a month most of my day-day regular foods were in my frequent list and show up now as soon as I start typing something.


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Tracy D.
on 5/26/14 11:57 pm - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13 easy to navigate and has a mobile app for my phone too.  I love being able to scan barcodes and add the food right to my daily schedule.   And it has a good report feature too for tracking.  

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