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on 5/28/14 7:07 am - TN

Did you guys see the episode of Extreme Weight Loss where TY walked away (twice) because they would not do it his way?  Not only was he picked from so many, they were also going to train and condition him for his dream of being a professional baseball player.  I am not a fan of these kinds of shows as it's hard to maintain at home after the camera's leave but he knew what was involved.  Once he found out there was not a big, fat, baseball contract waiting for him he totally walked away.  

It shows how much this is mental, how much we have to be ready, in the right place before we can "lose" the weight and "keep" the weight off.  No matter what tool you decide to use to get there.....  


http://abc.go.com/shows/extreme-weight-loss/episode-guide/se ason-04/401-ty-and-charita

on 5/28/14 9:45 am
RNY on 12/18/13

I'm not saying this is definitely the case with Ty, as I don't know him and I'm not a psychologist. However, when you're obese, it's really easy to hide behind the extra pounds. You don't ever have to worry about being good enough at something, because the weight can act as a shield to keep you from even being able to try it. It sounds like Ty had doubts, and instead of confronting them and working for his dream he let his fears rule him and backed out of something that could have changed his life for the better. If he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to compete like he'd dreamed after losing the weight, then staying obese would make a convenient excuse. No matter what the real reason behind his decision was, it's a shame to see someone with so much potential throw away such a rare chance.

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on 5/28/14 3:00 pm

I don't blame him for walking away;  I hate these "reality" shows which are just a way to humiliate fat people and make other people feel better about not being "one of those".

Gwen M.
on 5/29/14 12:41 am
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Tracy D.
on 5/28/14 11:46 pm - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

I did watch this show and I was FIRED UP over the whole Ty thing.  I was appalled that he walked away.  When the show started I was betting on the woman walking away, not him.  He had SO MUCH to look forward to!  But if it wasn't going to be "easy", if he was actually going to have to try out for a team then he wanted no part of it.  He wanted everything just handed to him without doing the work.  I lost all respect for him at that point.  

Frankly, this guy was much too young and immature to get on the show.  It explained a lot when I found out he was only 20 years old.  A baby...in just about every single way.  

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