just wondering which one are you?

on 6/13/14 2:21 am
VSG on 11/25/14

Looking for your opinion and was just wondering which one you are. After seeing my N.P. whose deals with this all the time she told me they go by your start weight and you can lose as much as you want prior to surgery so this is what I will be going by. This is what I am looking for, after seeing my heart doctor and I know this isn't what he does all the time I just want your opinion, he said they (insurance and doctors) want you to do the 6 month diet because they want to see if you can lose weight and if you lose to much then you don't need the surgery. I know part of this is because they want to see if you are serious about losing and can follow directions.  I was just wondering what you were told and are you a person that can lose, or a person that can't keep it off, or maybe both?


Bette B.
on 6/13/14 2:27 am

Thank God, I didn't have to go thru the 6 months for my insurance. It's a pretty ****ty thing, IMHO, to make people do. I don't think there are many MO people who have never tried a diet. I've tried DOZENS of them, always lost weight and always gained it back, plus more. I didn't need anyone to tell me what kind of person I was; I knew. My WLS helps keep me on track, but it doesn't do it along. I have to help.


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on 6/13/14 3:37 am - Vancouver, WA

I had the 4 month diet and lost 20 lbs but it didn't matter because it went by my starting weight, some do some don't, you'd have to check with your insurance. Althoi with all the trouble you've had getting nfo from them it might be a challenge. My weight gain was a little different, mine was from being imobile for years because of a bad hip and back. Before that I had a daily exercise routine that kept my weight under control just fine and I could eat most anything I wanted. Now I do have to keep an eye on what I eat or I can gain again in no time. I have had my band removed so am back to good old dieting. So far so good.

White Dove
on 6/13/14 4:18 am

Just make sure that you don't lose enough weight so that you no longer qualify for insurance coverage. 

The diet is to show that you can use weight and sometimes the insurance company will say that you did so well on the diet that you don't need surgery. 

It is better not to put yourself in that situation.

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(deactivated member)
on 6/13/14 5:26 am

I've never lost weight, if I could, not sure id be here now. Confessed to hubby last night that I daydreamed I could lose the 30 pounds in 6 months, then put surgery on hold & see if I could lose 30 more. But, as I was telling him, these 6 months ate emotionally exhausting because th scale wont budge. I eat 1500 to 1700 and walk an hour a day,  but I haven't seen the much desired 299 yet - how strange to tell someone every day I wake up hoping I will weigh 299. 

I am early enough in the process that I have no idea what my surgeron will say if I lose nothing - overwhelming.


on 6/13/14 6:55 am
RNY on 05/12/14

I wasn't required to lose a set amount of weight, I was only required to log my food, and get in the proper mindset. This is a really big change and it is a lot to adapt to. I think a lot of times the surgeon is the one who dictates weight loss prior to surgery...whether the program calls for 0, 3, or 6 months supervised. And typically it is for the best interest of the patient.  I dunno if this is correct or not?

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on 6/13/14 8:35 pm
VSG on 07/22/13
My insurance didn't require any pre-op dieting. I made my decision regarding WLS in May and had surgery in July. My BMI was 40 with no co-morbidities. I am thankful that my policy was this great since waiting six months would have been difficult for me.

Good luck with your process.


on 6/13/14 10:21 pm
VSG on 06/17/14

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck! I have to ask, have you talked DIRECTLY to your surgeon yet? What does he/she advise? Honestly, that is who I would be listening to about what he wants you to do concerning your weight because in the end, he is the one who holds the cards whether he will operate or not. For instance, if you lost the weight he told you to, if you followed his directions, etc. He would be the one, writing the advocate letter for you that YOU DO Need the surgery. It seems like you would really want him on your side, so you want to follow what he says. That is jmo!

I was not required to do a 6 month diet, however it did end up being about 6 months before I had surgery! That is about how long it takes to go through Cleveland Clinic. They are just so backlogged. I was willing to go through this because I knew that I wanted a specific surgeon, so this is the road that I took. Yes, I could have gone somewhere else and gone in quicker, but that is ok.

I did lose weight before my pre-approval. Over 20 pounds. My BMI dropped and it was right at 40 and I was very concerned because I didn't even know that it was going to pre-approval when it did go!

My surgeon did not tell me to lose weight during any time of this. My NUT said he would not because, I lost 6 pounds, after my first visit. That was proving to them I would was serious. Plus, she said that I would lose during my 14 day liquid diet which I am on now. I have surgery Tuesday.

I know this is a tough road, but in the end it is worth it. Don't worry, worrying is just going to cause stress.



on 6/14/14 12:27 am

I didn't have to do a pre-op diet, fortunately. My surgeon even said "I'm sure that if you could lose weight on your own, you already would have."

Of course I lost some weight on the ten thousand diets I went on over the years, but I always immediately gained it back plus some. I finally had WLS because I knew that was the only way I'd ever keep any weight off long-term.

on 6/14/14 11:42 am - OH
VSG on 03/19/15

I have to do the 6 month medically supervised diet and while they do weigh me they never said anything about me losing weight that I remember.  Only thing my surgeon did tell me is to lose 10 pounds before surgery.

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