What is the current wait time to start the process in Ontario?

Kath L
on 6/16/14 5:08 am

Hi ... I met with my family doctor and she put me "on the list" and said to wait until they contacted me.  I'm not wanting to rush the process but approximately how long was it until your first contact from the Bariatric people?  Did they contact you via phone or mail?  Once I've heard from them, I will relax a bit knowing this process does take time.  I live near London, Ontario.




on 6/16/14 2:24 pm

Hi..first your doctor has to fax a referral to the bariatric network and once they receive your referral they will asign you to the nearest hospital that does the surgery according to your area code.....then in about three weeks your doctor will receive a confirmation that the referral was received and what hospital you are going too.

I received a package in the mail to fill out and also a date and time for my orientation, but some centres are different and they will call.

Also if your doctor does not receive a confirmation letter in the three weeks they are advised by the bariatric network to call to find out if the referral was received.


1..make  sure your doctor faxed the referral have heard alot about doctors saying it was sent only for the patient to find out otherwise

2...keep on top of things.

3.. go to the ontario forum lot of great people and info there

I just started the journey myself so welcome to a great journey.







Kath L
on 6/17/14 3:53 am

Thank you Anniew ... very helpful.




on 6/17/14 5:59 am, edited 6/17/14 6:00 am
RNY on 02/04/15

Hi Kathy I am glad you posted this.  My situation was different and I want to put it out here for others to know about in case it happens to them.  I was referred by my family doctor in November 2013 and by March 2014 I hadn't heard anything so I went back to my family doctor (in March) to inquire and she told me "it just takes time".  Still didn't hear anything in March, so I went back to her again in April and she printed off the sheet that said the Bariatric Network had my referral and I was going to be going to Toronto Western Hospital.  I decided in May to call them directly and I called and called and left messages (6 calls, 6 messages) and FINALLY someone called me back and they said I must have "fallen through the cracks" as I should have had my orientation in late 2013 already -- so they got me into the orientation on May 28th.  I am so glad I was persistent in calling them repeatedly.  I was very polite in my messages and left my work and cell numbers for them to call back.

At the orientation, I got two appointments set up for me already - one with a social worker on July 4th and another one with a nurse practitioner in September so I am happy about this.

So my point is, if you think things are taking too long it doesn't hurt to politely call/follow up .  If I hadn't I would probably still be waiting and wondering.  I also went back to my family doctor and told her what happened so she will know for any future referrals she does with any of her patients.

Good luck on your journey Kathy and I hope this goes along speedily for you!  xx

Kath L
on 6/17/14 6:22 am

Thank you Dream74 for the information.  That is very helpful.  I keep an eye on the calendar in case mine falls through the cracks too.  So, once you were set up, they set the appointments for approximately 3-4 months later you say ... ie. social worker and then nurse practitioner.  So after September appt with the nurse practitioner are there more appointments to be set up?  When do you think your surgery will be planned for?  ... Kathy


on 6/17/14 12:15 pm
RNY on 02/04/15

Yes that is about right. I know I will still have further appointments. What they said to me at orientation was that it was about a year long process before surgery, but could be longer. I will let you know if I get any further appointments at my july appointment. :)

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