Thank you gift?

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Has anyone given thank you gifts to the nurses in the hospital and WLS team either the day of surgery or soon after? If so, what did you gift? Any recommendations?

on 7/25/14 12:25 am - Keyport, NJ
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It was kind of ironic, but I have a friend who makes the most amazing, decorated cookies. I had her make some that were shaped like scrub tops and nursing caps. They were very well received, because they were so cute.

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on 7/25/14 1:18 am - NC

Really good idea!  I may try to find a recipe for some healthy treats and give that a try!  Thanks for the idea !!

on 7/25/14 1:35 am

My family and I have always been blue collar.  We have worked in varying fields and the thing that has always been most important is how we treated others.  I was just in the hospital having my lap band removed, and I asked one of the nurses if they had any sort of program where they were rated by their patients.  She was shocked that I asked but said that "yes, there was, why?"

"Because you have been the most attentive, supportive, professional nurse I have had so far and I would like your supervisors to know."  She was shocked!  She brought back 2 brochures and I have them filled out and will be mailing them in today.  Altho she was the best of all of them, the entire stay was a pleasure, except for the pain, LOL, and they were all very good!  I will also write a letter attesting to that as they should all be recognized right down to the very polite and professional housekeeping staff.

Sometimes, that makes a difference between getting a raise or a promotion, or just letting them know they really are appreciated.

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Thanks Karen!  Awesome idea!!!  I will definitely let them and their supervisors know.

on 7/25/14 3:31 am - Vancouver, WA

A pretty floral arrangement is always a good gift too. Something they can all enjoy and a letter of appreciation is also a great gift.

on 7/25/14 4:19 am
DS on 11/11/14

The best nurse I ever had was a student. I had a bad infection in my arm and was in the hospital for a week. The 2nd day they asked if I'd be OK with a student nurse helping out. Of course I said yes. Best decision ever. I was a married 40 year old man, and she was a 20 year old female student, and we were like best friends !! Her supervisor ended up assigning her just to me whenever she worked. She'd take me to the garden on the roof, and to the cafeteria, and roaming the hospital. Her training supervisor also had me grade her - A of course :)  She truly changed that week from bad to great.

 I always bought the two of us "traveling sodas" and lunch. On my last day I had my wife bring me a thank you card and I wrote her a note telling her what a great person she was and fantastic nurse she would become.

on 7/25/14 4:40 am

I have always taken baked goods for the staff when I have had to go in.  They always seem to love it, and most will come by after the procedure and say thanks. 

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Not after WLS over 8 years ago, but quite recently, yes. I spent a great deal of time (about 5 months all told, 2-3 weeks here and there, often) in the hospital in 2013. I was admitted to 4 different floors/units over that time. One team was simply exceptional. Every single staff member I dealt with on that floor, whether it be nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, their assistants... everyone was incredibly dedicated, thoughtful, professional and KIND. I couldn't leave the hospital to go "buy a gift of thanks". so I dragged myself down to the gift shop and bought a blank card. On the morning I was leaving for home, I spent about an hour thinking about all of the kindnesses I had received. I wrote a (rather long) note in the card  and thanked people individually for what they had done for me - so much more personal than a "thanks everyone!" gesture. Staff stopped in from all over having read the card and most mentioned how much it meant to them since it obviously came from the heart. The hospital I was in has an employee recognition program and I was sure to fill it out each time I was admitted.

Kindness and professionalism does deserve recognition.  I wish I could say the same about the nurses when I had RNY - mind you, it was new to most of them and they were doing their best. lol



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on 7/25/14 5:23 am - CA
VSG on 12/19/13

Some hospitals participate in a program called The Daisy Awards for extraordinary nurses.  I submitted a letter of recommendation for a nurse who had taken great care of me while I was undergoing cancer treatment at City of Hope.  She was selected as the winner, and they held a special lunch with her colleagues (and me).  They presented her with a bunch of stuff in recognition of the award, but her favorite thing was the preferential parking spot.

During chemo I brought "butter socks" to the nurses who took care of me (my best friend works for a sock company so she shipped me heaps of them to give out).  At the end of chemo, I gave the really special ones gift certificates to Macys.  

I didn't do anything for the WLS nurses, and I probably should have.  Thinking about it now, I probably should have brought them cookies or cupcakes.  But gift cards to Jamba Juice, Starbucks or something similar are also good ideas.

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