Yes, I sniff my son's socks

on 8/1/14 12:29 am
VSG on 08/04/14

My VSG is in 3 days (Monday, Aug 4). I am so excited. I got over my nervousness about the actual surgery last week. Now I'm just sad that my little boy is leaving me. Saturday I am taking him to NC to stay with grandparents for 10-12 days while I recover. Both sets of grandparents have an action pack week a piece and I know he will love it. I'm just sad to see him go. So I'm going to do what I usually do when he goes with them for a weekend. I'm going to take one of his socks with me to the hospital and sniff it. It reminds me of him and calms my nerves. Don't judge me! 


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VSG on 08/29/14

I don't judge at all... I totally understand. I love the way my boys clothes smell....Mine are both teens so smelling the fresh laundry is much better.. still a hint of them... LMAO!! you know what I mean!!

Now I'm not comparing you to an animal, but when I worked at a veterinarian office we would tell the pet parents to bring something of theirs like a shirt so we can give it to the pet after surgery... the puppies and kittens LOVED having the smell of home to calm them!! 

Good Luck and am excited for ya!!!


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on 8/1/14 12:52 am - Elgin, IL
VSG on 08/29/14
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Revision on 03/18/15

hopefully it will be a clean one...




on 8/1/14 1:19 am
VSG on 08/04/14

Oh it has to be one that he's worn... not clean. HAHAHAHAHA!!! He's 5 so he doesn't have those hormones running around to give his clothes that extra punch, yet. So I can handle it.

This really makes me look crazy. It's a good thing that I embraced my crazy a looonnnnggggg time ago.


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on 8/1/14 12:05 pm - Belleville, IL

My son is autistic/Aspergers and is now 26...When he was a baby/toddler I had Ovarian cancer and was told I would probably NOT survive...I took one of his T-shirts and stuffed toy to hold close and remind me what I was "fighting for" and healing for. There was a comfort in sleeping at the hospital with it's annoying smells and smelling my sons sweet baby/toddler T-shirt.  As a mother I "get it"



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