How is it?

on 8/10/14 9:37 am
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How is it that everyday up until the day I start puréed that I lost weight, But the moment I start eating all weight loss stops.  Totally b.s.



T Hagalicious Rebel

on 8/10/14 10:20 am - Brooklyn
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Don't become scale obsessed!, it'll drive you crazy! Besides you've just had major surgery & you are probably still in the healing phase, have you taken any measurements? What you don't see on the scale is probably shown elsewhere like in inches lost or clothing feeling looser, as you go thru the stages, you're body is adjusting too. You won't lose everyday or every week all the time, but you will lose!, follow your drs plan for you & you should be ok.

No one surgery is better than the other, what works for one may not work for another. T-Rebel

on 8/10/14 10:45 am

Who knows..... Sodium, fluid retention, full moon ....

But, you have to trust that as you progress, follow your plan, eat what you should, drink your fluids, that the weight WILL come off.

The scale can be an evil ***** .... And you probably want to start weighing weekly instead of daily.

Keep up with your fluids ..... Focus on feeling stronger ach day as you heal!!


on 8/10/14 11:47 am

I had my "Rouyn Y Bypass" April 30th, 2008. . It went Horribly Right??? I went from 260, to date maybe 100lbs. I have been evaluated for hospice, 😡 have already been emotionally, physically, mentally at enough! Ok, I'm skinny, way too, anorexic due to pain every swallow I take ,.. But who know my body would scar like cement? That I would have 5 more surgeries after to try "fix" the path... I know to each their own... I died January 19th, 2013,, was Resuscitated and was mad... Um so tired, is their anyone else out their that can't even take a bite, keep any weight on now

on 8/10/14 12:14 pm

Sorry, me me me me. I feel, think due to experience, my opinion is research all choices of weight loss, if a Bypass is your ultimate last resort due to absolute medical necessity make surgery your last choice. Once things have been removed and moved around I know your body can't have a zipper so they can go explore... I wanted to loose weight to get healthy and make my asthma and sleep apnea better, all medical necessity was there, but not the only ultimate choice for weight loss, but was the quickest, I "tried" curves exercise and wasn't a big eater anyway, just held every ouce cause of coarse my body didn't know when it was going to eat again... Selfishness, so sorry... Painting picture of my journey to hopefully avoid the same fate of experience, I'm going to have. I hope that all have perfection no matter choice, I'm am all for feedback, fro all... I am 35, with 16, n 11 yrd old children. They have already lost me once, I would like for the reason to not. Be starvation

Amy R.
on 8/10/14 3:55 pm

First of all, I'm sorry for your situation.  It sounds truly, truly horrible.  I wouldn't wi**** on anyone.

It is hardly the "average" RnY experience though.

Can I ask you what prompted you to join on Sunday, and start out with this comment?  Did you just find the site? 

on 8/11/14 2:01 am

Ive been searching for 3 yrs now, every now and then for the sites that are either for overweight people, because that is who I still feel and see in my head not the scary skinny reality need a cheeseburger everyone sees... or Bariatrics to try and find another person someone!!!! has to have turned out like me, ??? what the *&&RR%$%&# , All I can say is you reap what you soe, I guess pergatory for me it is....? Empathy...

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 8/11/14 11:40 pm - OH

I am so sorry that you are having such issues. The results of your RNY are not the result of any type of perceived character flaw you see in yourself, though, or some kind of punishment for past bad deeds.  At least not in MY view of the world.  

I don't know anyone else who has encountered the problems you have, but there are a lot of people here who are willing to offer support and encouragement.

What does your surgeon say?  Has (s)he discussed the possibility of a reversal? I would think that would be important if you are such a bad place.  Usually when hospice gets involved, it is because the person has almost no time left, so I am confused as to why you would not be pursuing that avenue to you can maintain a healthy weight.

If you are not already doing so, I would strongly urge you to seek counseling to help you deal with the anger that is currently engulfing you.


10 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

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on 8/11/14 6:18 am

I remember the fear of failure when the scale didn't move but then I started measuring myself and found out, if I was not losing pounds, I was losing inches. Follow your doctors plan and you will lose, hang in there.

White Dove
on 8/10/14 11:36 pm

What a terrible experience.  Reading something like this could scare another person away from having the surgery that they need to have a healthy life.  The experiences that you are posting about are extremely rare.  More rare than being the big winner in Powerball twice or digging in your garden and discovering a pirate's treasure of diamonds, gems and gold doubloons. 

I am so sorry that your surgery went so terribly wrong.  I was 59 years old having RNY.  I felt great after surgery.  I had my operation on a Tuesday and was walking on the treadmill and doing light housework by Thursday.  I was back at work on Monday.

My sister-in-law had heard terrible stories like yours and was very frightened of the surgery.  When she saw how easy it was for me, she made her appointment immediately.  Her surgery was also easy and she lost all of the excess weight and is happy and healthy.  I am 66 now.  I am still at my goal weight and thankful everyday that I was able to have this wonderful surgery.

What happened to you is an extremely rare thing and should not discourage anyone away from surgery.  All of the other ways of losing weight do not work.  For a person more than 50 pounds over their ideal weight their chances of getting to an maintaining a healthy weight are less than 5 in 100.  Surgery gives at least a fifty percent chance of long term success.  Society needs to be more accepting of surgery as a tool for the current epidemic of obesity.

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