Band (07) to Sleeve (12) & DS. Anyone else had slow results?

on 8/21/14 11:26 am

I've had to bariatric surgeries. The first one with Lzap and into 2007 I lost about 60 pounds. Had many complications with mucus and throwing up so I decided to do a revision. Had a sleeve into 2012 probably lost about 40 pounds and have regain all my weight.... And now I'm considering a DS. Has anyone been in this situation? Suggestions, outcomes?

on 8/21/14 2:01 pm - OH

I'm just curious, what do you think kept you from losing weight with your sleeve?

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Sammy D.
on 8/22/14 12:36 am, edited 8/22/14 12:37 am - New Bern, NC
VSG on 11/06/14

One common phrase I'm talking to heart. "Surgery is done on our stomachs, not our minds". Though the band seems most apt to fail due to slippage (why I chose the sleeve), VSG is solid. DS is also solid, but remember if you don't work the plan and stay on plan, even the DS will not work. There is plenty of support and many great folks on this site that can help you get and stay on plan. I see many on here who are struggling like you get back on track and back on the losers bench. I can't wait to be on the bench myself, and will be turning to many here to help me stay on plan through thick and thin. Just get back on plan (dense proteins first, log everything MFP is a great tool that can help you accurately tell what you are putting into your body), we'll help you through this. You got this and you can do it!


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Valerie G.
on 8/22/14 1:48 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Okay, so there's one perspective, that you must have absolutely no self-control and cannot stick to a plan.  Is that really you?  Maybe it is - but maybe it isn't.  The poster above me thinks they have it all figured out, but I know better.  You are the only one who can answer to your situation and results, though, so judging aside, I'll share with you my story.

I was a champion dieter.  I could "follow the plan" as others will tell you.  I was an athlete despite my obesity, and obese despite my activities.  I felt entirely hopeless, and this started at puberty and continued through adulthood.  I never yo-yo'ed.  My weight gain was more like a stair-step pattern.  I would stop gaining when I was on an extreme diet plan, but I couldn't lose much, if anything.  For instance, I stuck to weigh****chers for 1.5 years, and lost a whopping 21 lbs.  As soon as I stopped the extreme diets, I would start gaining again.

When WLS became more known as an option, I was inspired when several coworkers went to get the RNY and results were SO fast!  I started learning more about it, and discovered that there was more than one procedure, so I learned all I could about all of them.  What I learned is that wls is not one-size-fits-all.  I considered what I'd learned about the procedures, and chose the DS to overcome my body that fought me tooth and nail with every diet attempt.  I was comfortable with what was required of me to maintain my nutritional health, too.  All of these factors should be taken into consideration.  

So, your two lack-luster wls results both came from restriction-only procedures.  It's a shame that the surgeon who did your sleeve didn't take that into consideration and at least recommend RNY.  Perhaps all along you needed a metabolic kick in the pants.  You're not the only one, mind you, for there are several VSG to DS revisions out there.  The existence of VSG as a wls came from the results of many patients not having to go back for part 2 of the DS.  Some need the metabolic boost of malabsorption, while others just needed to eat less all along.  You are to embark on something totally different this round.  Hopefully you will see results this time.  Make sure you secure a top-notch revision surgeon, and come on over to the DS board and Revision board and find others like you.

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Sammy D.
on 8/22/14 2:50 am - New Bern, NC
VSG on 11/06/14

Okay.... I don't know where you see any "judgement" cast on this post. This post was offered as mere encouragement which we all need. You could be right with needing the metabolic boost, but even you know you must stick to plan even with a DS to lose and maintain your loss. Same goes for all forms of WLS. My apologies  if my post is perceived judgmental. No I do not know it all and do not have it all figured out. If I did I would have no need to even be on OH to learn for myself. In fact, my advice in my post came from many others who post the same.

I know the band has probably the highest long term fail rate than other WLS. Slippage, cost and inconvenience for band adjustments, and incorrect band adjustments play a large role in failure from banding. More often than not the band fails them, vs them failing the band. I came into this originally seeking the band as I was terrified of cutting my stomach let alone re-routing the intestines (I still don't like re-routing intestines). I'm choosing the VSG for those very reasons.

I know if the sleeve was made too big, or a pouch left at the top of the stomach could also be an issue.

However, most post I find people after re-evaluating find that they may not have stuck to the plan like they thought. Sometimes just forgetting to log your intake could cause regain. I'm not here to judge, but you know as well as I that before we go and have WLS we must evaluate ourselves. I have had many revelations of my own just evaluating myself, and I haven't even met my surgeon yet. It's a process we all are going though, have been through, and will go through continually, you and I both know that.




HW: 478+ Consult: 478 Pre Op: 453 SW: 438 CW: 293 (7-20-15) GW: 225 LBS Gone: 185

VSG with Dr. T. Ryan Heider at the Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Lake Norman 11-6-14

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on 8/22/14 6:01 am

There is nothing judgemental about your post.  I re-read it, you were merely pointing out the obvious.  I feel for the original poster as I had the band, lost 80 lbs, when I realized this band was trouble, I felt there was no where else to turn, totally forgetting about OH where I had gone pre-band. I regained it all and then some.

 Now, the band is gone, I am heading for VSG.  However, IF I fail to follow the rules with the sleeve, (I did not forget with the band), I am not going to come back looking for another surgery.  I will do just what you suggested, examine my own behavior, no excuses allowed, find the problem, fix the problem and get back on track and OH.  I am not condemning the OP either, no judgement, just reality.  The band failed me, no doubt.  If I can't lose it with the sleeve, it is something I am doing wrong.

  All posts that I make on this site, any forum, are a result in my having experience and caring for anyone having to go through life as an obese person. If you have medical issues, please see your doctor for medical advice.



Amy Farrah Fowler
on 8/22/14 11:05 am

I like the sleeve, but knew I was already a careful eater, and that my system was just too efficient. I went with the DS right off because I knew it was my best chance. You may lose a little synergy by not getting the full DS at one time, but upgrading your sleeve to a DS is still by far your best chance to get to a normal weight. Of course, vitamins will now be 100% necessary for you now, but I was thrilled to trade all my prescriptions for vitamins.

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