Orientation is Scheduled ... what next

Kath L
on 9/4/14 2:01 am

My Orientation is scheduled for October and I am wondering ... after I gather all of the information ... and if I decide to go through with this ... how long until I receive a surgery date.  My centre is in Hamilton, ON.



Member Services
on 9/4/14 3:15 am - Irvine, CA

Hi kathysawyer1967,

May we suggest you post this on the Ontario forum and perhaps someone there would know the time frame for a surgery date.

Ontario Forum

on 9/4/14 3:37 pm - Sacramento , CA
VSG on 02/18/15

I believe what's next is the consultation with a surgeon! I live in California and my orientation is Saturday! And I'm not sure if I get to pick my own surgeon, or if they are going to pick one for me! But once you meet with the surgeon he or she will order labs and tell you what needs to be done (your insurance required) to have the surgery ie... Psyc evaluation,dietitian/nutritionalist,3-9 months dr supervised diet etc.... I hear from start to fini**** could be anywhere from 3-6 months before your scheduled for surgery if everything goes well and if your insurance dosent require the dr supervised diet! But good luck to u I hope this was helpful

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