Feeling down and out

on 9/15/14 2:18 pm
Revision on 07/29/14

I will be 7weeks tomorrow.  I am down 26 lbs.  I don't understand why I am moving at a snails pace. I am a revision from a botched sleeve to rny. I don't know what to do to increase the weight loss. Maybe it's right where it should be. I don't know just feels it should be more.  Sw 233 cw 207.



on 9/15/14 2:51 pm

You're (seemingly) moving at a snails pace because you don't have a lot of weight to lose.  So far, from my rough calculations, you have lost about a third of your excess weight in less than 2 months.  That is not a snails pace.

You are what I laughingly call a Lightweight.  There is a board here that will help you keep things in perspective.  

The good news is as a lightweight you are more likely to obtain your goal weight.  The bad news is that it will feel like an eternity until that happens.  

The best I can advice is avoid the scale if the numbers are upsetting you and go by your clothes.  Easier said then done but it will give you more peace of mind.


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Kate -True Brit
on 9/15/14 7:06 pm - UK

Almost 4 lbs a week is not a snail's pace! For a lightweight it is a very good rate of loss. 

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Happily banded since May 2006.  Regain of 28lbs 2013-14.  ALL GONE!

But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


Bette B.
on 9/15/14 11:13 pm

Comparing your weight loss to that of others will only make you nuts. Relax. Breathe. You're LOSING instead of gaining, which is what probably would have happened had you not had the surgery. No matter the pace, you are moving in the right direction. 


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