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Bette B.
on 9/17/14 1:17 am

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B*TCHFest"  is provided as a public service to those of us who have gripes and grievances but whom, for whatever reason, lack a regular forum in which to air them. You are welcome to voice any problems - large or small, important, mundane or ridiculous -  that currently have your panties wadded, your shorts frosted and your gears ground. Don't hold them in and risk future medical issues, wrinkles and/or those pesky gray hairs.

ANY and ALL issues that are plaguing you are open for you to voice; there are no "scared cows." They say that "feelings aren't facts", so if you're feeling it, it's legit to you. NO ONE is allowed to flame a poster for something he or she writes. However commiseration is not only welcomed but encouraged. Please, no personal attacks against other OH members (at least, not by name.)

You old timers know how this works. For newbies, here's the deal. Just gimme a list of the things that are troubling you, that have you snorting into your coffee, that have your panties in a wad. It's cheaper than therapy, healthier than eating your feelings, and nicer than kicking the dog.

No one gets to flame anyone else: YOUR feelings are YOUR feelings. Let's begin.It's simple. It's cleansing! It's easy peasy. A piece o'cake. Ready? Go!


WARNING! Adult content ahead! Posts may (and probably will) contain "adult" content and language. I know that MINE will. Rated TV-MA.


Today will be easy (for me.) Here's what got me in a lather: EVERY.FREAKING.THING!!


Who's next?


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on 9/17/14 1:49 am

HOT DAMN!!  I made it today!  I had as hell of a day yesterday.  Mom is divorcing the POS she married 19 years ago after he left her without telling anyone he was leaving and took off across country, last October.  So, along with my appts. for WLS I take her back and forth to the courthouse because while he sits on his lazy ass, we are jumping through hoops.  He left her with a car and a house, both of which his name appears on the legal paperwork, says he thought she would rent out the house which is over an hour away.  For pete's sake...she's 78 and in fairly poor shape.  What the hell is he thinking!!  Meanwhile, 23 of her 4 kids are left with cleaning it out, selling what we can and selling the house.  PEOPLE:  if you can't stand to live with each other anymore, GET A DIVORCE!  Act like grownups and don't leave YOUR mess for your children!  WE FREAKIN DON'T WANT IT!!!

I don't remember anymore than that.  Thank you!

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Gwen M.
on 9/17/14 2:27 am
VSG on 03/13/14

1. ******** who park across the sidewalk in my development. 

2. ******** who let their dogs poop on the sidewalk and then don't pick it up. 

3. ******** who don't bring anything to entertain their children when going to various waiting rooms. 

There are circles in hell reserved for all of these people. 

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on 9/17/14 7:04 am - Kalamazoo, MI
RNY on 10/06/14

I'm on day 2 of my 3 week liquid diet.  5 Protein shakes a day, no food, 800 calories.  I can have all the water I want. 

WTF...  The carb withdrawl on day two reminds me of day one.  My head is throbbing and foggy, tylenol doesn't help.  Thank God all of you say this gets easier after the 3rd day.  Right now I am wondering if I can do this, I want to but this is hard, I won't give up.  If carbs make you feel this bad how can they be good for you?  Thank God for *****fest :)  I feel a little better already.


on 9/17/14 12:02 pm



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T Hagalicious Rebel

on 9/17/14 9:11 am - Brooklyn
VSG on 04/25/14 with

Ok, I know movies will never start at the posted start time with approx 10-20 minutes worth of previews & ads but why oh why can they not post the difference between the more expensive movies along with the regular ones? I know 3D, I know IMAX more expensive & it's posted, but how the hell should I know the movie I want at the time I want to go has leather seats & is now more expensive! Yeah I know the theater has to make a buck somewhere, between their overpriced stale popcorn & corn dogs. I guess they figure I traveled all the way over there & will cough up the extra cash, nope not gonna do it, I turned right around got in my car & went to the gym instead. Lemons make lemonade right?

I went rt back the nxt day & saw part of my cheaper movie & snuck over to see the original one that I wanted to see anyway, minus the leather seats. LOL Maybe someday they'll post those shows as leathervision or something along with their 3D & IMAX shows. LOL

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GeekMonster, Insolent Hag
on 9/17/14 10:28 am - CA
VSG on 12/19/13

Another whacked out boss story.

We have a meeting before the holidays to discuss employee bonuses.  There are five people in the room.  On the day the meeting was scheduled, my boss, the president, came into the conference room and told us that he didn't want to have the meeting today - he wasn't ready.  He left and closed the self-locking door behind him.

The rest of the people stayed in the room talking about other things.  All of a sudden, he started KICKING THE DOOR, then POUNDING ON THE DOOR WITH HIS FISTS until someone opened it.  He started screaming, telling everyone that he wasn't ready to discuss bonuses and how DARE we start without him.  He ranted and raved and refused to listen to anyone.  One woman was so pissed off at being treated this way that she stood up to leave.  He blocked her from leaving and screamed in her face.

After everyone left, our plant manager went into his office and told him that was completely out of line and overreacted.  The president said to him "Please tell me the truth.  Were you discussing bonuses after I left?" to which our plant manager said "No, we were not."  The president then realized that he acted like a fool, but was too much of an asshole to apologize for his aggressive behavior.

The countdown on my phone says 165 days until March 1 when they announce personnel changes from our parent company.  If he's not gone, I'm flying to Japan and kicking a few dope fiends in the head for keeping him here.

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Brad Special

on 9/17/14 10:55 pm
VSG on 12/06/12 with
on 9/17/14 12:43 pm
VSG on 12/16/14

Well, this actually happened last week, but it still 'gets my goat!' I'm at my 6th month of 6 mo program. Getting down to the wire. I go in for a group session and the nurse informs me that I still need to provide them with a chest Xray and mental health records. I had just been to the pulmonologist 2 days previous, who saw a CXR from a year ago - it was clear - and said I was low risk, everything looked good and she would sign off. Not good enough, still needed a CXR. And the nurse said, "Oh, didn't I give you the order for the CXR?"! Ok, so I had to get an Xray, no biggie.Went right after meeting and got it done.

BUT, these mental health records. Nurse kept saying I had to see their psych AGAIN before she would sign off on surgery. At my appt with the psych, I asked her if I was good to go for surgery (mentally) and she said yes, I'll sign off. But now all of a sudden, I have to see her again. Well, I got my records from my dr's office and I hand delivered them to the bariatric center in May. Nope, the office doesn't have them. After the session, I talked to the nurse again and she said, "Didn't I tell you we will be discussing your case at lunch?" NO, you didn't tell me. And, why did they need to "discuss my case?" The nurse wouldn't tell me. By this time, I am pissed. So, as the day goes on, I called my own psych and explained the situation, that I needed records sent to the bariatric clinic. They proceed to tell me that they need a written statement from the bariatric clinic before releasing records. When were they planning on telling me this??? I had gone to them in May for my records; no one mentioned a thing about needing a letter, just a release of records - which I signed that day in May! called back to the Nurse at bariatrics, told her s-l-o-w-l-y what they needed and asked if she would fax over the request. So, she faxes, then my psych quickly faxes over my records. This all could have been handled with much less stress if people would just communicate!

I contacted the bariatric clinic's Office manager to tell her what happened and ask her where my hand delivered mental health records were. She couldn't tell me, but did acknowledge that there have been lots of changes in the office, and so I tried to be somewhat understanding - but still, my personal info!. Unfortunately, I would get different answers from different people in the office, so I finally got all my questions answered when I talked to her so I am planning on keeping in touch with her if I have any other problems.

I still want to stay with them since they are a Center of Excellence, the hospital is right down the road and I am almost done with my program. I don't feel that the surgeons will be as incompetent as some of the staff....Let's hope not!

Thanks for the outlet!


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on 9/17/14 2:38 pm

My boyfriend of 3 almost 4 years.. who's been working 14 to 16 hour days for the past MONTH .. asking me why I am 

so upset at the hours he is working .. then getting pissed at me for telling him.  What a ****!

if you don't wanna know how I feel .. then don't ask. I hate that **** 

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