1 week post-op checkup VSG

on 12/4/14 11:37 am
VSG on 11/25/14

I went in yesterday for my one week check-up and all went well. Lost 5 pounds and healing well. I did ask about a dimple that was left in my stomach and was told that is where my stomach came out. It was the only one of the 6 cuts that was bruised. I'm already back to my exercising full time. Just waiting for more weight to drop off now. I'm going away this weekend but not worried about it. I have noticed that once in a while now I do get hungry. I wasn't hungry up until now. And I also notice that my stomach growls a lot but I don't feel hungry when that happens. Seeing the Nutritionist Tuesday for my two week check in. Hope everyone is doing well.

on 12/4/14 12:23 pm

If you don't give your body time to rest and heal you will cause other issues. You just went through major surgery.  Don't rush the exercise, you still have internal swelling. The hunger is head hunger. 


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on 12/4/14 9:35 pm - Ottawa, Canada
VSG on 02/03/14

I had a dimple in one of my incisions as well. It felt like it was pulling internally; I was told it was stitched internally and it might take longer to heal than the others. It gave me pain more than the other incision sites too. But eventually it too was resolved and healed nicely.

Take it easy on the exercise; at only one-week post-op, most of us are only cleared for walking.

If you are starting to experience "hunger" already, I would suggest that it's not true hunger, but acid from your sleeve. Many of us sleevers have that problem early on and we frequently take a prescription PPI to block acid. They removed the part of your stomach that generates true hunger pangs, so you might wish to talk to your surgeon about that.

But the stomach growling, and gurgling, and general making noise? That's totally normal. It can last for quite awhile! I used to play a game: "What bodily noise can I make to cover up the stomach growling?" It's a fun one! Give it a shot!

Wishing you luck as you travel this path! Remember your water and vitamins, and eat protein forward and you'll do great!

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Tracy D.
on 12/5/14 1:38 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

I would echo what the OP said by taking it easy right now.  You can and should be walking but most post-op VSGs are told not to do any lifting or strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks.  That's how long it takes you to heal and internally it can even take a bit longer.  

The VSG tummy can be VERY noisy!  It's perfectly normal but can sure be embarrassing :-)  

Glad to hear you're doing so well :-)  

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Gwen M.
on 12/5/14 3:17 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I agree with the others - what does "exercising full time" mean?  Most of us are only cleared for walking for the first 6 weeks post-op.  

And, yes, chances are that the hunger is due to stomach acid.  Are you taking a PPI such as prilosec or nexium?  

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on 12/5/14 10:33 am
VSG on 11/25/14

I like the noise game for the gurgling in my stomach. I have figured out that the hunger is head hunger. And the exercise is on a recumberment bike which they told me I could do the day I got home from the hospital I am up to 30 min. 5 days a week. I have back issues that effect my legs so I can't walk much but have no problem sitting on the bike. I'm thinking of backing off some now that I have listened to all that replied plus I have had issues with my upper back and the only thing I can think that would cause the back problems would be from the bike. So  I will take the advice and want to thank all that replied.

on 12/6/14 1:06 am

The pain in your back most likely gas that is trapped from surgery. They pump us full of air to make the surgery easier for them to see inside.  Those gas pockets can linger for awhile. Walking around as well as a warm heating pad will help clear them. 




"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue." --- Dorothy Parker  

"You may not like what I say or how I say it, but it may be just exactly what you need to hear." ---Kathryn White



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