My first stall....who gives a D*MN!!

on 12/14/14 9:56 pm
VSG on 08/04/14

This is my week #20 and I believe I have hit a stall. The weight has not changed in 2 weeks. But guess what....I don't give a crap!! I knew this time would come so before surgery I made a list of NSVs I could celebrate when the scale was "not my friend". I didn't lose any weight last week. I just purchased size medium underwear this weekend. My old X-Large were literally falling off my ass into my pants. It's been some years since these buns have seen a size medium in undies.

I write this for all those fresh from surgery or contemplating surgery. A stall is nothing to panic about if you have the right attitude about it.

Do note that I have no idea if I hit that dreaded 3 week stall because I wasn't weighing myself so early out. I simply weighed at my surgeon's office. This meant every visit there was a reduction in pounds. As far as I know, I didn't have a stall!


on 12/14/14 10:24 pm
VSG on 03/09/15 with

Do you measure yourself?  maybe you are losing inches right now. 

on 12/14/14 10:32 pm
VSG on 08/04/14

I didn't. It was the one thing I wish I had done. Honestly, the thought of measuring pre-surgery and having to write down those large numbers just scared me out of the process. Since I don't have official numbers I just use my clothes as my measuring tool.

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on 12/14/14 11:47 pm

Start now with measuring yourself!  I go through the same thing; except I do get mad at myself sometimes.  I got stuck at 170 for months...but my body changed a lot in that time.  Actually, I don't say I'm past it because I weight 168.2 on Saturday. 

Stalls are gonna happen; we know that.  But you are definitely right; we have to remember to celebrate the victories we have whether it be wearing smaller draws or even being able to turn down foods that we couldn't resist before. 

One of my students brought me a small sugar free apple pie today.  I don't think I want to eat it because it does have 310 calories in it and that would totally throw off my calories for the day.  I also contemplated taking just a bite, but we all know what will happen with that.  It also has 11g sugar alcohol in it and for some reason, I many times get sick as if I'd eaten the sugar itself and have like a total sugar coma for an hour.  So...I think...I'm gonna offer it to someone else so that it isn't beside me.  Being able to turn down my favorite kind of pie is a huge victory for me...thank you for reminding us that it's not just the numbers that matter but the health choices and changes we make as well. 

Good luck as you continue in your journey!

Han Shot First
on 12/15/14 12:29 am - Flint, MI
RNY on 10/06/14

I was just in a stall for the last two weeks, and the scale finally moved today.  I wasn't specifically measuring myself, but I know I lost a couple of inches anyway because I've been tightening my belt.

Good advice about not panicking.


150 lost and maintaining!

Cathy W.
on 12/15/14 2:06 am

You have a great mindset!  I'm glad you made this post.  There are so many that get concerned with a weight stall so I know your post will help lots of other members. 

on 12/15/14 2:33 am
VSG on 03/09/15 with

I am currently looking for  software program where I can enter my measurments and have it track it over time.  I know i can do the paper easy enough.  It's just so good to see it all nice and printed on a screen. has one I am looking at.  My Dr offers a nice software to track food, sleep and exercise.  (I also use a fitbit which works with my Dr's software) I asked about why no measurments tracking.  I also used to go to a place that tracked your blood pressure with your weightloss.  Which I have also started to do.  So since I am on week 1 I am trying to get started  in a routine of  tracking weight, body measurments, BP, sleep and exercise.  So far it hasn't been very time consuming.  With all that  I should be able to see something move if and when a stall hapens.  Stall or not your still smaller than when you started!


Cathy W.
on 12/15/14 2:44 am

You can also use OH's Health Tracker.  OH created it for WLS'ers (or anyone) to use.  One of the many good things about Health Tracker is that you can share it with your surgeon if you'd like.

on 12/15/14 3:12 am
VSG on 03/09/15 with

Thank you so much Cathy W.  I never even knew it was there!  it's perfect and will do exactly what I wanted.


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on 12/15/14 4:17 am - CA
VSG on 12/19/13

   Finally.  Someone with a realistic and healthy attitude about what your body will do after surgery.  Those who panic or whine do not see the long term picture.  Congratulations on "getting it."

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