Wondering if anyone has had ins pay for thigh skin removal?

margaret odom
on 1/12/15 10:30 pm - sumner, GA

It has been nine yrs since WLS and my thighs are so so bad. I have been blessed to keep the weight off and my surgeries have been payed by ins... I would get my thighs done tomorrow if could afford it. All the weight that I have lost has made it so hard to stand this southern heat in the months to come with sagging skin. Just wanted someone to throw out there opinion on ins paying ....

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on 1/12/15 10:48 pm
VSG on 06/08/10 with

My thighs and upper arm are bad too. Congratulations on keeping the weight off! Same here about my thighs and upper arms. My doctor that did one of my two rounds of panniculectomy surgeries told me that my insurance won't cover for my thighs and upper arms because it's considered cosmetics. This was about two to three years ago. Maybe it'll cover at some point down the road for me, if not then I'll have to say up for the surgery for my thighs and upper arms. Each doctor, hospital, and insure is different. Maybe at the hospital were you had your WLS at might have an office that can do your thighs at a reduced pricing, I think the hospital I had my WLS at does something like that, at some point I'll check that out down the road. I wish you luck.

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MyLady Heidi
on 1/13/15 12:58 am

Never gonna happen.  Look for ways to pay yourself, 401k loan or whatever.  That's how I got all my plastics.  Your thighs are cosmetic, insurance should not pay for that.

Kathy S.
on 1/13/15 1:05 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with


I think you were the one asking about the 250 pound card. It looks like it's not appearing in your signature line area. Let me know if you need help with it?

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Kathy S.
on 1/13/15 1:11 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Sadly I think it's almost impossible. I got my insurance to pay 5 years ago only after 2 appeals. Mine was causing raw, open sores.  It was only after I sent them 4x6 color photos of the oozing ugly wounds did they change their minds.

If you end up paying for it yourself you may want to consider going to MX for plastic surgery. I know that is scary but we have had several members do so successfully.  Eggface/Shelly went to Mexico Cosmed Clinic.  Feel free to contact Eggface, she will be glad to share her experience.

We hope you find a way to make this work. You deserve it

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Tanya H.
on 1/13/15 1:19 am
VSG on 01/20/15


I work for a health insurance company and it is very difficult to get insurance to pay for this type of surgery.  First it would depend on the type of coverage you have and who your carrier is. It would also have to be proven by your doctor that the surgery is medically necessary and not just cosmetic. As a previous poster stated, sending pictures and detailed documentation is the only way they will consider it. And you may have to appeal a few times.




on 1/13/15 1:39 am - Sunny Southern, CA

You know if you have any skin breakdown you might want to start documenting with photos and getting some visits logged in your file... you can always try. It would be a hard battle to win but not unheard of. Just don't have your hopes up too much. Great article series: http://www.obesityaction.org/lasting-change-plastics-after-b ariatric-surgery-2 

I went to Mexico as Kathy mentioned... I did not have my thighs done though... I need to BAD but it's one of the harder recovery/healing of all the reconstructive plastics, slightly higher complication rate makes it less appealing http://medicalxpress.com/news/2014-12-complications-thigh-su rgery-common-minor.html and I just can't psyche myself up for it, yet. I dare say I *personally* wouldn't wear shorts out & about even after, scars versus skin. I am a capri pants girl. 

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Kathy S.
on 1/13/15 1:57 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

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margaret odom
on 1/13/15 2:20 am - sumner, GA

I figured it is a long shot... We have BCBS  Fed ins.  I will have to either win lottery or wait for some long lost relative passes n leaves me $$.. Either way is like lightning hitting twice.. lol

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on 1/13/15 3:15 am

My insurance will cover it but only if there is severe chaffing, rashes, or infection.

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