Help with questions to ask my surgeon!

on 4/17/15 11:16 am
VSG on 09/02/15

Hi all!

 I an pretty new to these forums, and just recently started my weight loss surgery journey. I just had the free seminar, and apparently my insurance is backwards where they want you to meet with the surgeon first before anything else. I feel as though, I have watched so many videos and read so much information over the past few years.  ( I have been wanting surgery for a long time just no insurance until very recently.) That I am lost in what I should be asking! I know there's so much I don't know and I'm just so excited and nervous, what are some questions you wish you had asked? Thanks in advance! Also I'm excited to get to know some of you all and hope to find some friends and support along the way. 

Cathy W.
on 4/17/15 12:01 pm

Check out these links for a list of questions to ask your surgeon, and make a list of the ones most important for you to have answered:

Questions to ask a bariatric surgeon

Choosing a bariatric center and questions to ask

BTW, I sent you a friend request 


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on 4/17/15 12:04 pm
VSG on 09/02/15

Thanks for your quick reply I do appreciate it 

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