how long did approval take from your insurance? Did you pay anything out pocket after...

on 4/17/15 1:00 pm - BAYONNE, NJ

From the 1st visit with your surgeon to the day of surgery how long was the process? How long did it take your insurance to come back approved? I am going to seminar May 7th to get information and they take the insurance and talk to insurance company i guess start pre authorization process. . Did anyone have Medicaid and not have to pay anything out of pocket? I am in NJ and i found a Dr. The office said they work with all insurances.Which is good news and bad news for me. Now I seen this Dr 9 yrs ago for bypass i never went through with it because they wanted $2,000 upfront because other Dr didn't take medicaid. I really need this so I can be here for my son he will be 1 in July. I can't afford to pay out of pocket. Did this happen to anyone? Was there away around it? Did they just accept whatever your insurance paid?  M

on 4/17/15 8:45 pm

You should be able to find a surgeon that accepts medicaid. Call should not have to pay anything at all if you have medicaid. Good luck!


on 4/17/15 9:03 pm - BAYONNE, NJ

I found 2 docotors that say they take medicaid... im just hoping they dont say well u need 2,000 tonoay rest of it... cuz i know my 10,000 emergency room bill the hmo only oaid 350...  i have first seminar with 1 on may 7th... all they said was we work with all insurances... lol heres hoping :)

on 4/17/15 9:44 pm

That's great! You should definitely not have to pay anything out of pocket. I have a type of medicaid which is paramount advantage...I was approved for weight loss surgery withing 3 days...and I don't pay a dime out pocket. I did all of the pre requirements though. Good Luck!

on 11/15/17 7:26 am - COLUMBUS, OH