Weight loss before surgery

on 4/30/15 4:01 am
VSG on 06/16/15

My sleeve date is June 16 2015 I have been trying to eat healthier to try to get some of this weight off before surgery date but it doesn't seem to be happening actually it fluxuates up and down by a lb or 2 Is there any suggestions on what I can do 

Kate -True Brit
on 4/30/15 4:12 am - UK

Not trying to be facetious. But the only way to lose weight is to eat less.  Why not try following a programme like Weigh****chers? I don't necessarily meant join a group, just follow their programme. 

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But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


on 4/30/15 4:19 am

Hello there.

I'm still in my pre-op phase as well, with surgery hopefully next September, but I can recommend a few things I've been doing to take off some of the weight, at least.  Probably the biggest one is that I'm logging every single bite I eat.  This really makes me aware of exactly what's going into my mouth, and knowing that I'll have to write it down if I eat it makes me slightly less likely to try and "sneak" in a little bit of something I know isn't good for me.  Secondly, I've been trying to walk more.  I got a Fitbit to help me keep track of how much I am walking and such, and it's fun to try to at least meet the goals I've set for myself.  I want to go through this surgery as part of becoming a healthier person, but I know that surgery alone won't do the trick, so I'm trying to start making some changes now.  To me, a lot of this process goes on in my mind--yes, the surgery will certainly help me get rid of the weight in the first place, but only I can help myself keep it off.  The third change I've been trying to make is the one that's giving me the most trouble so far.  I've a recent diagnosis of severe celiac disease, so I've been going to a gluten-free diet.  It seemed like a good time to try and cut out most of the carbs from my diet, especially since I know I'll not be eating a lot of those after surgery anyway.  

It's not easy.  Good for you for trying to get rid of some of the extra weight in advance though!  I really find that logging what I eat is the biggest aid I have right now.  I'm not trying to keep under a thousand calories or anything, but knowing that if I eat some candy now that I'll have to write it down is fairly good at discouraging me from eating it in the first place.

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 4/30/15 5:24 am
RNY on 08/05/19

"Eating healthier" won't necessarily do it; you need to eat LESS.

Try tracking your food and reducing your calories; you may want to call your surgeon or GP for guidance.

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on 4/30/15 6:41 am


I am pre-op & required by insurance to do a nutrition class 1x/month for 6 months. So my surgery is not until September.

I was advised by nutritionist how to eat to prepare for how I will HAVE to eat after surgery.

Like above, I was told to track EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth. I use myfitnesspal which has been a great learning tool for me. tThe nutritionist told me not to worry so much about calories, but to focus on healthy eating. She directed:

1. Eat a lean protein for breakfast, lunch & dinner. PROTEIN ALWAYS GETS EATEN 1ST!

2. A good carb with breakfast & lunch...none at dinner!

3. No calorie drinks AT ALL. Water only or drop-ins or drinks flavored w/splenda or stevia.

4. A fruit & vegtable at breakfast & lunch...vegtable only at dinner.

5. Protein only snacks...no snacks after dinner.

I have lost 32 lbs. w/out really trying in 8 wks. I have not adhered to this 100%...I am still learning, but I HAVE found I am satisfied after every meal. I also started walking which was a HARD task, but at the suggestions of the ppl here I did 5 minutes 1x/day, worked up to 5/2x day & now I am up to about 8 minutes/3x day.

My goal is to lose at least 50 pounds by surgery...the less weight I am the less risk for complications.

Best of luck! I have never lost more than 20 pounds (& that was ONE TIME) in the 30 years I have tried to do it my way.


on 4/30/15 7:38 am - Sunny Southern, CA

Many bariatric programs will put their pre-op patients on optifast prior to surgery... optifast, medifast... basically the same idea... extremely low calorie meal replacements. You'll lose weight on them... short term like you are talking about they are certainly doable... not the most pleasant and not really sustainable for life (the problem with most diets) but there is no guesswork... they set what you eat for the day and that's it. 

Ask your Dr about it.. optifast has the potential of being covered if he is requiring weight loss prior.

Best with your surgery and loss prior,

~Michelle "Shelly"

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