Problem with Mesh migrating inside stomach

on 4/30/15 7:24 am

I had my VBG surgery 30 years ago.  About 15 Yeats ago I developed an ulcer which caused the staples to rupture.  Now I am having trouble again and found out that opening has gotten smaller and the mesh that was used has migrated inside my stomach.  I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem?

Kate -True Brit
on 4/30/15 5:10 pm - UK

Sorry for your trouble.  I have read that this has happened to quite a few people, in the same way the very old Molina band did, that was based on mesh as well.

the trouble is that it is such an old procedure that there aren't likely to be many here to answer you! Have you looked at the VBG board? (Go to Forum in th blue bar). 

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on 4/30/15 11:54 pm

Thanks, I'll try there

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