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For those who are interested I have Kate's address for you to send cards. Her husband Mike was amazed that I'd had so many responses to the news, just wait till his post office has to hire more help to deal with all this mail!!!!. I'm jumping to a big conclusion here but I'm assuming his name is Mike White since that was Kate's last name but I've screwed up before, I don't think he'll mind he just sounded so surprised so many were wanting to send condolences.

I'm only posting this here because it is so long, I will post that folks can find it here on the other forums. Do remember to add the extra postage for international mail either call the post office or take it yourself to make sure you have correct postage I DO NOT want the family to have to pay a fortune for cards with too little postage on them!!! So here goes:

Mike White

Pen StaerHouse

Lamb Lane

Crick howell



4P8 1AS

United Kingdom

Let's show them how very loved Kate was. We yanks are really pretty nice!

Bette B.
on 6/10/15 5:36 pm

Thank you! Do you think he might like to read what people have read on here on the memorial?



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I think he would love it, he sounded very touched by how many replies I'd gotten from the original post.

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VSG on 03/25/16

Thank you so much Karen

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RNY on 05/21/13

Us Canadians too! Thanks for the address, mine went in the mail today, I am still in total shock.


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Citizen Kim
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The last line should read

NP8 1AS 


The Royal Mail has an automated post code reader so it needs to be set out as above

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Thanks Kim fixed it!!

on 6/10/15 9:16 pm

Can someone please post a link where I can find more info about this? Thanks so much! 

on 6/10/15 11:18 pm - Vancouver, WA

Well I don't know how to link but if you go back to 3 days ago (maybe 4 depending on how soon you see this) thwre is a small notice but we really don't know alot

on 6/11/15 5:35 am

Thanks for posting this

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