Back to protein shakes.....five year AFTER RNY?

on 6/15/15 6:27 am

So let me explain. This last December was my 5 year anniversary of my surgery. With in the first two years I got down to 150 lbs and stayed there for another one year...then the bounce back weight hit. Now I am happy at 160. No problemo there  In fact, if I remember right my signature goal weight is I have not been here in a while.


Next month I turn 50. I have also been going through post menopause pretty darn hard. And besides all that had really had some cognitive issues. I thought most of it was pre-menopause stuff but after seeing a psychiatrist, being evaluated, talking about the past etc etc...I was diagnosed ADHD. Well, I started the meds for it and WOW! Night and day. Being self employed, I was not doing well and had a lot of stress due to my whole "executive functioning" issues. I feel normal for the first time in my life. I'd had ADHD my whole life but back as a teen it really wasn't out there yet. Every GP I went to diagnosed me as depressed. I NEVER BEEN DEPRESSED MY WHOLE LIFE! They always tried putting me on anti-depressants....Paxil, Prozac, name it. Within 2-3 days I would stop the drug. Made me worse.'s the problem. Eating. I can't eat. I tried the only non-stimulant drug for ADHD and my hands and feet swelled up like balloons.  So I had to go to the tradition ADHD route. They put me on a new drug that's a stimulant. My brain is finally quiet. My husband says I don't look like "a deer in headlights" when he tries to have a conversation anymore. I can finally understand everything and my memory is back. I try to eat because I know I have to...but I may not be getting enough protein. I always have RTD shakes (35 mg) in the fridge. Should I be drinking at least one a day? I am dropping weight, yeah I'm not complaining but I don't want to suffer health wise. 


what does everyone think?

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White Dove
on 6/15/15 7:16 am


In your case, those protein shakes seem like an excellent idea. 

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on 6/15/15 7:21 am - Joppa, MD

Ditto to the previous response.

If you weren't struggling to eat I would say no but since that is not the case.


on 6/15/15 7:38 am - Sunny Southern, CA

Sounds like a great way to supplement what you are eating to counter the effects of the medication.

I drink shakes a few times a week... it's just easier sometimes and living in an area that gets triple digit temps it's a way to still get protein without turning on the oven. 

Happy you received a diagnosis finally!! 

Best to you, Michelle "Shelly"

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Karen M.
on 6/15/15 8:21 am - Mississauga, Canada

It certainly can't hurt. I still supplement with a protein shake daily and I'm 9 years post-op.



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Kathy S.
on 6/15/15 9:50 am - InTheBurbs, XX
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We are sorry to hear all you are going through.  Protein shakes are a great idea. I am 10 years out and I still drink  Premiere Protein shakes.

Good Luck and keep us posted on how you are doing

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on 6/15/15 9:42 am

Thanks everyone! Good 'ol common sense. But I do love the decrease in appetite. lol

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on 6/15/15 10:47 am - Grain Valley, MO

I'll be  years out next month, and I have one or two protein shakes a day.  My surgeon said I would need to have the protein drinks or protein powder in some way for the rest of my life.


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Dr. John Price

Kansas City, MO

on 6/16/15 12:55 pm - COLUMBIA CITY, IN

I have a hot protein drink every morning.  I'm 6 years post RNY.  There are days when my pouch doesn't want solid food and I have more liquid protein.

Getting the protein in is non-negotiable.  There are times I'm not "hungry" but I eat hard boiled egg, Greek yogurt (without sugared fruit added) , cheese - something easy to fix and get some protein in that way.

It may be that your appetite "levels out" when you have been on your ADHD neds fir a while.

Best wishes,


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