Here it comes: B*TCHFest!

Bette B.
on 7/1/15 6:53 am

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"B*TCHFest"  is provided as a public service to those of us who have gripes and grievances but who (whom?), for whatever reason, lack a regular forum in which to air them. You are welcome to voice any problems - large or small, important, mundane or ridiculous -  that currently have your panties wadded, your shorts frosted and your gears ground. Don't hold them in and risk future medical issues, wrinkles and/or those pesky gray hairs.

ANY and ALL issues that are plaguing you are open for you to voice; there are no "sacred cows." They say that "feelings aren't facts", so if you're feeling it, it's legit to you. NO ONE is allowed to flame a poster for something he or she writes, however commiseration is not only welcomed but encouraged. Please, no personal attacks against other OH members (at least, not by name).

I'll start you off with a few gripes of mine, and you all can join in at any time! No limits - come back as many times as you like!

WARNING! Posts may (and probably will) contain "adult" content and language. Rated TV-MA.

-OMFG! To men of the world: STOP SPITTING ON THE SIDEWALK! It's so ******g disgusting. You want US to swallow what comes out of you, so you can do the same thing.

-Highway maintenance. Does the grass on the median REALLY need to be mowed when it's two inches tall, and do you REALLY need to be doing it in several spots during a week when a lot of people are travelling? It took me an hour and 15 minutes to get to work yesterday - a trip that is, on a good day, 30 minutes.

-On the same note, to asshole drivers: if a sign says "Left lane closed ahead" - DON'T WAIT TIL THE LAST GODDAMN MINUTE to get into the right lane. If you are ten feet from the blockage, don't get pissed when you get flipped off and no one lets you in.

- Yes, 4th of July is this week. But please, can we try to keep the explosions to this weekend? Not every damned day:? I've got a .38 S&W that makes a big bang noise, too. Don't make me come out and play. Jerks.


Okay, everyone. It's your turn.


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Sarah M.
on 7/1/15 7:37 am

LOL! Nothing to add---you summed it up great!

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on 7/1/15 12:43 am, edited 7/1/15 1:05 am - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

Where the hell is summer???? Especially the GD sun!!!! 

I live in the eastern end of the continent and we have been in the low '60's (or teens for us Canadians) with rain...rain...rain.  The time of year the thing we northern post surgery folk look forward to the most, is a hot summer so we don't have to layer up and maybe feel some warmth - maybe even break a sweat (I know...what's that?)

Well at least all you Canadians have a happy Canada Day in your touques eh! 

on 7/1/15 9:16 am

It's here in VA killing us... and apparently in the UK baffling the brits :)

on 7/1/15 3:12 pm - Vancouver, WA

I will gladly send you some summer if you will send me some winter! It's hotter than blazes here and no end in sight, it's the NW for Pete's sake where is my cool weather?


Tracy D.
on 7/2/15 8:05 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

In Nebraska...

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Jaime M.
on 7/1/15 3:12 pm
RNY on 08/31/15

The heat is down here in WA State, way hotter than it normally is and super hard to have any energy in when you're not used to it.  After almost 2 weeks straight of high temps my body is finally acclimating!

on 7/7/15 11:36 am, edited 7/7/15 11:38 am

Should have made a trip to the west coast; triple digit heat and no water. Been asking for some of tha****er you guys have too! Please sent it here! It's frigin' hot and the Sun stings in the shade. Please sen****er; please! OK, this week we got 20 degrees less than last week. My car temperature was reading 125 one day last week, mostly 111. Post WLS that is all I got, and if I was not post op, I would probably be in ER for heat exhaustion. OK... the trade off.


on 7/7/15 6:40 pm

Don't know why I got *** only thing behind them is "tha****er" dang.


Tracy D.
on 7/1/15 9:13 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

"You want US to swallow what comes out of you, so you can do the same thing."


 Tracy  5'3"     HW: 235  SW: 218  CW: 132    M1: -22  M2: -13  M3: -12  M4: -9  M5: -8   M6: -10   M7: -4

 Goal reached in 7 months and 1 week

 Lower Body Lift w/Dr. Barnthouse 7-8-15