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Bette B.
on 7/22/15 6:54 am

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"B*TCHFest"  is provided as a public service to those of us who have gripes and grievances but who (whom?), for whatever reason, lack a regular forum in which to air them. You are welcome to voice any problems - large or small, important, mundane or ridiculous -  that currently have your panties wadded, your shorts frosted and your gears ground. Don't hold them in and risk future medical issues, wrinkles and/or those pesky gray hairs.

ANY and ALL issues that are plaguing you are open for you to voice; there are no "sacred cows." They say that "feelings aren't facts", so if you're feeling it, it's legit to you. NO ONE is allowed to flame a poster for something he or she writes, however commiseration is not only welcomed but encouraged. Please, no personal attacks against other OH members (at least, not by name).

I'll start you off with a few gripes of mine, and you all can join in at any time! No limits - come back as many times as you like!

WARNING! Posts may (and probably will) contain "adult" content and language. Rated TV-MA.


- I'm sick of people pushing my buttons, then getting butt hurt when I call them on their bull**** 

- I'm sick of people who have something to say to or about me, but won't say it to my face. Grow a nutsack, will ya? I'll respect you more.

-Being at work and having mgt treat some people like the sun shines out their asses, and the rest of us suck. If we're such ****ty employees, why did you hire us? If we're GOOD employees (which we are) start treating us like that.

- Acute GI distress. I'm coming up on a week with this thing and, while it's lightyears better than a week ago, it just won't go the **** away.

- Two words: DONALD TRUMP.


Okay. Your turn!


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crystal M.
on 7/22/15 7:28 am - Joliet, IL

I read this article about this website for cheating married people, called Ashley Madison.  It's a dating site for married people.  Call me old fashion but why in the Hell did you get married if you're just going to do **** like this???  I guess when you are faced with a website that can get you laid...well then all bets are off!!!

I hate when I answer the phone at work...Hello ABC company, how can I help you?  And the person on the line says "is this ABC company?" Ummm...yes.  Did you not hear me just announce the name of the company?  This happens all day long.  People just don't listen anymore.

That lady that has been in the news Rachael Dozeal annoys me.  She was pretending to be black but she says she's not pretending.  She says she identifies with being black.  Well I say she has mental issues.  People can identify with being anything that doesn't make it true.  I can identify with being a rich, skinny model...doesn't make me one.  There are people who think they are Jesus...doesn't make them Jesus.  For some reason she thinks because she feels black she must be black.  Whatever.  She is either sick in the head or a con artist.  



on 7/22/15 8:03 am - Nashville, TN
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I hate when I call ABC company and the receptionist answers like h/she has a mouthful of ****mumbles,talks fast,etc,etc,etc. happens to me every day...




crystal M.
on 7/22/15 8:59 am - Joliet, IL

They seem to understand everything I say after that.  So I doubt it's me

on 7/22/15 11:25 am - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15

if they understand everything that is said after the greeting,how can it be only them?




on 7/22/15 2:50 am, edited 7/22/15 2:50 am

She is a con artist that found a way to make a buck off of people being PC.

On the Ashley Madison website, in theory, I am totally with you.  In application, there are so many variables/confounding factors one doesnt see happening. Lets pretend for a moment, I end up quadrapulegic (sp) and have no desire to be intimate due to colostomy bags and catheters. IRL, I dont want intimacy cuz I dont feel "pretty" at some odd times (like a bad hair day...or I broke out in lots of adult acne).  I can honestly say, I would not want my husband to suffer and feel uncomfortable and I would perhaps consider looking the other way (or even encouraging) use of such a site.  Other people wouldnt.  I havent been married long but I seem to think of marriage like a recipe. You start out with the basic formula and then you add things you like and take out things you dont like to make it your own.

So...who am I do judge?

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crystal M.
on 7/22/15 10:54 am - Joliet, IL

Oh I get you there.  I can see if someone is sick and can't meet "marital" obligations and the other partner is open to this.  Or if the other person is just cold and indifferent and REALLY doesn't care and it's just in the marriage for convenience 

But in this article said they had 37 million members!!!  It just sounds like a lot of cheaters...from both sexes.   

In any case I will be married in 2 1/2 weeks and I only hope my marriage won't involve internet dating sites...(well after the wedding anyway (we met on Eharmony...LOL)!!! 

Sarah M.
on 7/22/15 7:34 am

---I'm sick of two teenagers who can not throw away yogurt containers. Seriously are they trying to start a fruit fly farm??!! Its gross.

---I'm so tired of people who need their hands held for everything health care related--my job is to schedule not babysit. No I will not pick a doctor for you. No I will not decide if you are having symptoms or not. No I can not call your insurance for you. Yes you will have to be on hold with them...just like everyone else.

---I'm so done with my mom trying to force me to be friends with one of my SIL. She's still pissy because I got pregnant before her TWO YEARS AGO. Get over it already. And no I am not going to be friends with someone who doesn't want to be my friend. That is the beauty of being an adult. You can be civilized without being friends. Well I can---she just ignores me and walks away. Her loss.

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on 7/22/15 9:18 am

all the baby talk on this forum, e.g.: tummy, yummy. 

and i agree donald trump is a ******g clown. 

GeekMonster, Insolent Hag
on 7/22/15 12:02 pm - CA
VSG on 12/19/13
On July 22, 2015 at 9:18 AM Pacific Time, chris_ruff wrote:

all the baby talk on this forum, e.g.: tummy, yummy. 

and i agree donald trump is a ******g clown. 

This times TEN.  I despise the baby talk here.  It makes my flesh crawl.  

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