scales at pcp offic

on 8/6/15 5:41 pm

Ok soooo DH has been told by our surgeon to start his six months diet plan with our PCP. We are thinking this is great be we don't have to travel the 1 1\2 hours to our surgeon each month for a weigh in. We get to the pcp's office today anD guess what???? The scale doesn't go up to his weight! Now what do we do? Any suggestions? Due to our insurance our six months diet has to be supervised by a doc that isn't our surgeon so even though his scales will measure dh's weight we can't go there for his supervised diet. I would really hate to bring our own scale to each visit at the PCP but that is the only solution I can see at the moment.... Help!?!?Please?!?!



White Dove
on 8/6/15 5:55 pm

Bringing your own scale seems easier to me than traveling 1 1/2 hours each month.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 8/6/15 6:42 pm

Bring scale . Support him in his journey, encourage and the time will come you can leave that scale at home. Hugs

on 8/6/15 10:45 pm - Vancouver, WA

I had to do exactly that because my doc had an old fashioned scale and I wasn't able to step up to get up on it. Every month I'd stick my scale in my big ol' tote bag and haul it into the docs office to get my weight! It worked just fine, no problem.

on 8/7/15 2:51 am

A big tote..... Yep that is what I am going to do....If I can "conceal" it maybe he will feel more comfortable about it- like he is less "on display". We are hoping to have surgery a couple weeks apart and he has been such a good support to me I want to make this process as smooth as I can for him. Thanks! 

on 8/7/15 7:59 am
RNY on 05/07/13

Most people in a Dr's office don't care what anyone else is there for.  They are too concerned about their own problems at that point.  They probably wouldn't notice a big tote. 

It's great that you both will be having the surgeries around the same time.  I have heard of other couples on this site that have done that.  Sounds like having great support, motivation and understanding of what each other is going through.  I understand the men's forum on here is pretty good if your husband is interested.









on 8/9/15 8:37 am

Which form of WLS are you having? What about your husband?

For what it's worth, if your husband is so heavy his PCP's scales won't weigh him, he REALLY should seriously consider the Duodenal Switch. The DS has the very best long-term, maintained weight-loss stats, especially for those of us with a BMI greater than 50.

Just something to think about BEFORE going under the knife.

on 8/10/15 5:46 am

We are both considering RNY. We have type 2 diabetes and gerd. Also RNY and the lap band is all our insurance will cover. So its going to be RNY

on 8/10/15 9:06 am

Ok update time!!! I called our insurance and much to my surprise they have updated their approved WLS procedure list to include VSG and we are going to take a look again at all three and go from there. Might be the DS for him after all.