Hair Loss

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Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with hair loss as result of WLS.  If so, was it bad and did it grow back?



on 8/18/15 8:46 pm - Canada

I lost about half the hair on my head. I hear taking biotin helps to stop hair loss, however. I did what most people do: cut it all short and then let it grow out all together. 

    Ruby Trout 


on 8/18/15 9:00 pm

Gosh, that's quite a loss....  Thank you for your feedback!!

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VSG on 12/29/14

I have had some hair loss, I am 8 months out, but not as much as previous responder.  I haven't had to change my hair style. I was told keeping your protein high will help, but it will probably happen at some point.  If you click on the search button you will see a lot about this subject!

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Thanks for your response...where is the search button located, that you referred to?


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VSG on 12/29/14

The search button is the magnifying glass at the top of the page just right of center, left of the word Find.   


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RNY on 05/04/15

I started losing mine even before surgery! It's thin now but doesn't have any bald spots. It's a lot more manageable at least -- there isn't enough left to tangle. I got scared off trying biotin because I read too many stories of people for whom it caused hair growth everywhere *but* the head.

on 8/19/15 2:11 am
RNY on 03/10/15

I am just a little over 5 months out and started noticing Hair loss between month 3-4 and con't to have it. Mine is like a heavy shedding period. Not sure when it will stop. I have thick hair and keep it short anyway. So far really don't notice it by looking at it. Hope it stops before it gets to that point. I do feel like it is not growing as fast. The biggest issue I have with the shedding is hair hair everywhere.....drives me crazy.


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on 8/19/15 4:12 am - WI

 The hair loss is called "telogen effluvium," and its part of your body's response to the trauma of surgery and anesthesia.  There is nothing you can do to stop it.  Biotin will NOT stop the hair loss.  It WILL cause hair to grow on your face if you take too high a dose.  Don't waste your money on products that claim to be the "miracle cure".  They don't work!  Keeping your protein levels will help it grow back healthy and strong, but it WILL NOT prevent the hair loss.

The hair starts falling out at about month 3 or 4 after surgery and usually stops at about month 9 or 10.  I lost about half my hair.  I wear it short, so the only person who noticed it was me.  My hair grew back just as thick as it was before surgery.

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Tracy D.
on 8/19/15 10:17 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Was it a problem:  Yes

Was it bad: Horrible - lost over half my hair, which was fine and thinning to start with

Did it grow back:  after medical intervention, at 2 years out it was finally back to "normal" or maybe even a little better than that.  


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