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It has been awhile since I have been around this forum.  Things have changed a bit.  I lost so much weight but gained like a 100 pounds back.  A couple of weeks ago I suffered from renal failure but, my kidneys are working enough to avoid dialysis.  Now I am trying to lose weight the old fashion way.  Basically, I have to limit proteins to no more than 6 oz a day.  Sodium has been reduced to no more than 2000 mg a day to control the blood pressure.  My kidney problems surfaced many years ago but, they have taken a turn for the worst.  The good news that I have lost about 10 pounds since my renal failure.  I do know that my pouch is not that stretched because I cannot really eat much.  The doctor wants me to lose about 60 pounds and, like I said I have lost 9 or 10 already.

All I can say is that RNY is not a cure all.  You have to work at it for life.  It is easier said than done.  I have seen many of my prior WLS friends gain a lot weight back and some.  Just don't get over confident because the effects of your RNY will wear off eventually.



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Sorry to hear of all the health issues you have had. Would you mind advising us how much you had initially lost after surgery?

And how you gained it back - for example did you track your food? What kind of food choices you made?

This information would be helpful for people reading the post.

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I went to 320 to 150 but, at the time of surgery, I was 280 lbs.  I am currently at 257, doctor told me to lose down to 205.  How did I gain, well, you get weight loss surgery not brain surgery.  Once the effect of the surgery wears off, you start experimenting with the wrong food.  I never ate too much but, whatever I ate wasn't necessarily good for me thus the weight gain.  That's what happens you become complacence and you start messing up thus the weight gain.  I always tracked my food but again is all about choices.  I ate pretty much anything but in small quantities and Coca Cola which is hard habit to break.  my weight ballooned up to 265 lbs. and now I am at 257.  I in a very restrictive diet right now.  I think that taking aniti-depressants made gain the weight since that's a side effect of it. 


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I can only speak from my own experience.

Regain is common. But it is not inviable. You DO have to work at it for life. If you would like some assistance in getting back on track, I'm more than happy to help.


170 pounds lost and maintained.



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So sorry to hear about your troubles especially the kidney issues .  Obviously you won't be able to eat the high-protein diet many suggest on OH... may I suggest looking into pulses and rice , rice n beans , fresh and lightly cooked veggies with very little added fats ... I've eaten this way before and after my bariatric surgery and at first I was terrified I'd regain ..but thank God it hasn't happened ( yet).

I eat way less protein than " recommended " but look and feel just fine . I DO eat a LOT .. complex carbs throughout the day so its vey important I keep the dietary fats as low as possible to avoid regain.   My trick to having a memory and not craving fat is to supplement with flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil or Tonalin ( the Vitamin Shoppe)  which is CLA another essential oil for renewing cells.  All of them make you lose weight .. tonalin cuts you up nicely .  

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