Here's your B*TCHFest. Let's do this!

Bette B.
on 9/23/15 7:46 am

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"B*TCHFest"  is provided as a public service to those of us who have gripes and grievances but who (whom?), for whatever reason, lack a regular forum in which to air them. You are welcome to voice any problems - large or small, important, mundane or ridiculous -  that currently have your panties wadded, your shorts frosted and your gears ground. Don't hold them in and risk future medical issues, wrinkles and/or those pesky gray hairs.

ANY and ALL issues that are plaguing you are open for you to voice; there are no "sacred cows." They say that "feelings aren't facts", so if you're feeling it, it's legit to you. NO ONE is allowed to flame a poster for something he or she writes, however commiseration is not only welcomed but encouraged. Please, no personal attacks against other OH members (at least, not by name).

I'll start you off with a few gripes of mine, and you all can join in at any time! No limits - come back as many times as you like!

WARNING! Posts may (and probably will) contain "adult" content and language. Rated TV-MA.


Mine is going to be quick and easy. What's got my panties in a bunch? EVERYTHING!


Banded 10 years & maintaining my weight loss!! Any questions, message me.

Tracy D.
on 9/23/15 8:08 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Politics - both sides....SHUT.THE **** UP!

I'm tired of hearing all the assinine, woman-hating crap that spews from Trump. Please Republicans, pick anyone but him! 

I'm tired of all the "Obama is a Muslim-Christian-hating-terrorist".  Seriously, people?  If that's true then I'm the Queen of England...and I want my god-damned crown RIGHT NOW!! 

 Tracy  5'3"     HW: 235  SW: 218  CW: 132    M1: -22  M2: -13  M3: -12  M4: -9  M5: -8   M6: -10   M7: -4

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on 9/23/15 3:03 pm
VSG on 08/04/15

Oh yes.  This is something I've been *****ing about for MONTHS!  We need to go to the European system of 42 days of campaigning before the election.  That is it!  Not this "years and years" crap.

5' 5" tall. VSG on August 4, 2015/ Starting weight 239.9/ Surgery weight 210.9/ Current weight 137.4/ Goal weight 140/ No longer overweight, now a NORMAL weight. Now that I'm at goal, it's time to move on to maintenance!!!!!!!!




on 9/23/15 10:03 pm
RNY on 12/22/08 with

Brad Special

on 9/24/15 12:52 pm
VSG on 12/06/12 with

I have been taking some people off my newsfeed on Facebook because they just won't stop with the stupid political stuff. 

on 9/23/15 10:02 am

LAW SCHOOL SUCKS!!!! i'm too old and too busy! I squeaked by the first year with a 3.0 (in undergrad that would have made me cry, but i proudly accepted that GPA as a 1L!) but i stay lost in space this second year. I have NO CLUE what we've learned about or what's going on. I'll pull it together (I'm not a quitter!) but on top of being a full time teacher, i've got my hands full and my brain can't handle another OUNCE! i need a vacation every other week to catch up with laundry, yard work, and other "life" matters. what have i gotten myself into?!

on 9/23/15 4:32 pm - NH

I think it's amazing that you're doing this.  You ROCK!

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on 9/23/15 4:39 pm

Awww, thanks!  I'm single and live alone without much of a network of friends and no family in town,  so every bit of encouragement helps!  :)  YOU ROCK! 

Brad Special

on 9/24/15 12:55 pm
VSG on 12/06/12 with

I wish you luck but can I ask isn't there a way less demand for lawyers right now? I thought I read that. I also read law school is so expensive. Do you have a certain career path in mind. I am just curious. 

on 9/24/15 1:16 pm

Well, to be honest, when I started, I just wanted to do it for myself to have something to fall back on and not feel trapped. In my current position, I get a sizable raise with a doctorate degree, and being that I'm going for a juris doctorate, it would give me a lot more opportunities than an education doctorate in the future. However, I've already been offered two positions in the legal field just being in school and inadvertently networking. I plan to keep teaching at least until I graduate, possibly several years after. Who knows, I may even teach until retirement! 

I am a thrifty person in general, and my education was no different. I'm going to a non-ABA school (yes, I am well aware of what that means and of any limitations) which makes it FAR more affordable. I am able to pay cash as I go, so I will finish with no loans. 

I'm not really trying to nail down a "career path" because I already have a great career that I love. I just wanted to have a back up plan and I love to learn, so here I am. :)   At this point, if I were to practice law, I would likely go into real estate law, and already have some connections for firms when/if I go that route.