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on 10/15/15 7:13 pm

I know we talk a lot about our NSVs here, and it makes me wonder what other people's non-scale goals were when they started their WLS journey. Since the start of my journey, its been much simpler for me to focus on those than on hitting a number on the scale. Somehow they just seem more... concrete. I keep a list on my refrigerator in case I forget while I get snacky! I was able to cross a couple off the list this week and it really got me thinking about how important they have been to me. They have truly been the best thign to keep me motivated during periods of non-loss (like this week... grr). I thought it would be fun to hear from newbies and vets and everyone in between!

Here is my original list of goals:

-Run a mile (this one is going to take a long, long time. But that's okay!)

-Fit into all my old tshirts -- check! Seriously, I have tshirts from high school that I just love and at my heaviest I couldn't even think about squeezing into. Now I can rock my "Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor" tshirt again! Because that's what professional women in their 30's do.

-Shop in non-plus size stores -- half check! I can buy pants in the "normal" sizes now because I'm down to a 16 on bottom. But I'm still about a 22-24 on top so I's still banished to plustopia for that part of my wardrobe.

-Do a 5K -- my first one will be on November 14th!!!

-Learn Krav Maga

-Take Kickboxing classes

The last 2 will probably have to wait until 2016 for financial reasons. I've already spent way too much on fitness memberships and classes this year.

So... what were/are your non-scale goals?!

(PatriceMarieV1 on...

on 10/15/15 8:57 pm
RNY on 03/11/15

Have my sons arms fit around me when he gives me a hug. - check!

Be able to go out in public without the paralyzing fear that I will run into someone I know from when I was thinner (I always imagined that would happen and they would look at me and ask "What the hell happened to you???) - check!

Wear normal sizes again - check!

Ditch the CPAP machine and blood pressure meds - check!

Walk up hills, stairs, etc. without being winded and sweaty - check!

Have some shape to my face again instead of looking like a puff ball - check!

Feel healthy and have more energy - check!

Start snow skiing again - maybe later this year

Participate in a really long walk or hike (like an all day event or all weekend event) - probably could do now, but need to research options


on 10/15/15 11:02 pm

Yeah!!! I love it!

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 10/16/15 2:28 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

I had 3 goals when I had surgery:

  • Get off my blood-pressure meds

  • Get off my CPAP

  • Ride the 40-mile leg of our big city bike race 11 months after my surgery date

I totally did it, too! Meds and CPAP were gone by month 4 or so. Bike riding took longer, since I've NEVER been an athlete, but by month 9 I could ride 15 miles at a time, and I finished the 40-mile race in just over 3 hours, including breaks. :)

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on 10/17/15 10:42 am

That's awesome!!!

on 10/18/15 1:38 pm
RNY on 10/26/15

I want to be able to get off our dock and into my canoe without sinking it.

I want to complete a 5K

I want to be able to stand through an entire presentation an hour in length and not experience extreme knee, hip and back pain.

I want to be able to knit a sweater that I can wear.

I want to work in my flower and vegetable gardens again (the arthritis in the knees may prevent me from kneeling ever again, but I want to be able to bend over and weed and plant without passing out).

I would love to sit in an armed chair without worrying my ass won't fit into it.

I want my ballistic vest to fit properly and I would like to see my department have to purchase one or two new smaller ones for me over the next one to two years.

Cate K

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