Does anyone have a current Patch MD code?

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RNY on 12/23/14

I tried the PMD40 and it wouldn't honor it. Does anyone have a current code?

I started taking these almost three months ago. I just had my labs drawn and will see the surgeon on the 11 th. In the meantime, I want to order just one month's supply so I don't run out, but don't want to order too many in case he says I can't continue. I will post when I get the results as to whether they are working.

I hope he says I can continue, I love them!


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Kathy S.
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The code was good until 10/30. I started wearing them a year ago and they have worked great. I am 10 years plus out so I still take a few pills but not like before.

Keep checking their ad on our home page. They usually have one during the holidays.



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