Protein bars?

on 11/6/15 1:15 pm

Does anyone substitute a meal with a protein bar on occasion? Its something I never discussed with my doc.

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White Dove
on 11/6/15 1:42 pm

I do

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on 11/6/15 1:47 pm

Honestly I'd eat the protein bar and then the meal a half hour later 

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on 11/6/15 1:56 pm

I do if I am running around. 

on 11/6/15 3:38 pm

ok thanks ^^ i was thinking about buying some for when I am not at home for whatever reason. I wasnt sure if they were ok for us to eat lol

Height: 5'5" HW: 370 SW: 363 CW: 177 RNY: 4/28/15


on 11/6/15 4:31 pm

they are ok to eat, and great to have around as an emergency item to go to.


Quest is a great bar with 20 grams of protein, low on the carbs and sugar size.   tons of different kinds to try out.  travels well since no choc on the bar.


i always have one in my car for the just in case

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CerealKiller Kat71
on 11/6/15 4:54 pm
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I do -- I use Quest bars.  Be careful though -- some people do have issues with them -- and they can be a trigger for others.  

I wouldn't make it an every day thing -- but they are good for meal substitutes in a pinch


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Citizen Kim
on 11/6/15 5:44 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Never eaten one and never found the need ...    horses for courses

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on 11/6/15 8:03 pm, edited 11/7/15 3:21 am - Chicago, IL
RNY on 03/17/15

I've never eaten more than 1/2 of one at a time. A lot of people like quest, but I think they are too high in carbs. I like pure protein. Amazon sells them.

Edited to add that I just found out that Target sells Pure Protein bars too! One bar has 20 protein and 17 carbs, but I only eat half at a time. Honestly, I thought they tasted funny the first time I tried them, but I guess I acquired a taste for them.

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on 11/10/15 2:19 pm - PA
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Walmart and GNC carry Pure Protein.