Absolutely no restriction...I dont' thing surgery worked

on 12/5/15 7:24 am

Hi all.  I'm very concerned.  I had gastric bypass surgery 3 weeks ago and recently started pureed food.  The problem is 1/2 cup does nothing for me and have was able to eat 2 cups of pureed chili.  I stopped there... but not because my pouch told me too.

I was the same way in the hospital after surgery.  I could drink all my requirements within hours of waking up and able to get in all my fluids and protein during the two week liquid stage. 

My pouch has never stopped me yet.  I limit my potions because I don't want to do damage but I am concerned it will be the same when I advance to whole foods. 

My question is has anyone else ever been able to eat as much as they want without feeling it in their pouch and how did things turn out?


on 12/5/15 7:39 am

Wow...thats different.  Im 8 weeks post rny and Im still extremely restricted.  When do you go for a check in?

on 12/5/15 7:47 am

I first check in was one week post op.  The nurse assured me the surgery was done and once I finished liquids I would feel the difference.  She said I was lucky to not have much inflammation and that's probably why I could drink as much as I want.

My next check in is first week of January.

I really belive something is wrong. I've lost only 5 pounds post op and am always hungry.   :(

on 12/6/15 3:55 am

Stop pushing your limits.  Watch for your HLA (High Level Alarm).  If your nose starts to run, or you belch or start to hiccup:     STOP EATING.

You haven't lost more than 5# because you're eating just as much as you did pre-op.

Stay on target.  Eat protein first, walkwalkwalk, sipsipsip.

Stop farting around.         

on 12/6/15 4:22 am

My specific written instructions are to eat until I am full.  No where does it tell me 1/2 cup, 1 cup or any kind of limitation.  But thank you for answering a question I didn't ask.

CerealKiller Kat71
on 12/6/15 6:23 am
RNY on 12/31/13

Your way is working so well, too!  

You did ask.  You asked if something is wrong with your surgery.  We are telling you NO -- something is wrong with your eating plan after surgery.  

You cross posted this and are getting ALL THE SAME RESPONSES to which you give snarky responses that you are supposed to eat until you are full.  Guess what -- that was your obesity plan.  

Do what you want, but don't get mad when people who were obese and had the very same surgery and successfully lost their weight tell you how they were successful.  

NONE OF US ARE REPORTING TO YOU THAT WE ATE UNTIL WE ARE FULL.  You know why?  Because when you eat until you feel full you DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT.  


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on 12/7/15 7:02 pm - Canada

I hope you are not too discouraged by people's responses.  Maybe people are forgetting that this is new to you and that's why you have questions.  Read Linda's response.  She puts it nicely and it's helpful...unlike some others ;)

on 12/5/15 7:50 am - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

Remember nerve endings have been cut so you don't have normal sensations.  Don't mess with your tool - learn new habits & take ownership over your behaviour.  Keep measuring and count nutrients this is what you will need to do going forward if you want long term success.

on 12/5/15 10:01 am, edited 12/5/15 2:20 am - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
VSG on 10/15/12

Most people don't feel restriction until they advance to full foods.  Then, it is only felt if we are eating dense foods like meat, so please don't attempt to eat two cups of chili again!  You must measure everything (dense or otherwise) or you risk hurting yourself (especially at only 3 weeks out) and not losing a lot of weight!!  Please don't count on your pouch to do the work for you.  I'm sorry if it seems like I'm coming down on you, but you really need to hear this and take it to heart.


Afterthought Edit: I have chili with me at work for my lunch today.  Just chili.  One cup of chili.  I'm more than three years post op.  Could I eat more?  Probably.  But I won't find out because I measured the chili!  These are the habits you need to form now to be successful long term.



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on 12/5/15 12:02 pm

Is this true?

All I hear are about how restricted everyone feels after surgery and it's convinced me something is wrong with mine.  I've yet to read anyone else saying they feel nothing.

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