Suggestions on books to read pre/postop?

on 1/5/16 6:21 pm
VSG on 01/18/16

I am incredible excited and nervous about my surgery (Jan 18th!) and in the mean time I have been reading a few books and was wondering if others had any suggestions of ones they liked related to weightless, weight loss surgery, emotions or behaviors regarding eating..... or anything that you found helpful pre and post op. 

So far I read The Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success by Vuong and love it! I am also reading The Emotional First Aid Kit by Alexander and have learned at lot so far. I tried reading Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls but to be honest its kinda only "Ok" so far. 

Any suggestions would be great! The more technical the better. I like understanding things.... and I might be a little obsessive... but hey I was told that the majority of people who struggle with obesity have additive behaviors and I feel that I am just transferring my addiction from food to books. (-: 

White Dove
on 1/5/16 6:45 pm - Warren, OH

The other one to read is Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies.  Glad you found the Emotional First Aid Kit.  It is an excellent source.  When I had my surgery I was required to attend a workshop based on the Emotional First Aid Kit.

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on 1/5/16 8:17 pm
RNY on 01/14/16

I don't have an answer to your question, but appreciate it! My surgery is 1/14 (RNY) and I think I'm feeling the same : excited+terrified. Good luck and thanks for posting about the reading material!

on 1/7/16 8:21 pm
VSG on 01/18/16

Good luck to you! 

on 1/5/16 8:22 pm - Chicago, IL
RNY on 03/17/15

Eating Mindfully by Susan Albers

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on 1/6/16 5:15 am

The weight loss book for you particular surgery written by Alex Brecher (he also does a general one). They cover just about everything and I have kept my just like a bible or reference book and still find it a source of encouragement.

on 1/6/16 6:22 am

Just got and am reading eat it up by stapleton. Goes through the process after with losing and how to not regain and to put procedures in place now so that you are most successful.


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on 1/6/16 6:38 am
RNY on 06/15/15

I know it's not everyone's favorite book, but I really enjoyed the autobiography Stranger Here by Jen Larsen. I thought it gave a perspective on the mental struggles that some people have with WLS.

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