on 1/8/16 11:34 am

Sooo finally my weightloss surgery journey will be continuing. I've been on a looong pause lol!!! I had lapband surgery in 2005. I lost close to 100 pounds, then my band stopped working (around 2009****pt going in for fills that would miraculousy "evaporate" within several hours. I was accused of eating around the band (shakes, ice cream, chips, etc., which was not the case at all)! Over the years, I have gone through so much. Took years before another bariatric surgeon would even agree to touch me, and he ended up being shady. After years of research, I was finally able to find info on my band and learned that there had been a recall on the needles used because they were discovered to have caused leaks. I spoke with someone at the company and received a letter to take to my surgeon(s), which I did. I was told that I could have my band/tubing replaced but would have to pay out of pocket and then get recompensated from the company. Well, I was nowhere near able to afford that surgery, so there was nothing I could do. Fastforward to open enrollment 2015. I finally made the decision to research my insurance coverage options (FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME) to find out if there was ANY WAY I could see the original surgeon who did my band so long ago. You can only imagine the joy I felt when I found out I could switch plans to see him, which I did immediately. So, I went to see my new PCP earlier this week and explained my situation to her. She put in a referrral that same day for me to see my OG surgeon. His office called me yesterday, and I have an appt to see him on the 4th of next month. Now, serious jitters and heart palpitations are present. I am SO nervous, because I now know this is the beginning of whatever else oqs to come in my wls journey. It's scary, because I haven't been seen by anyone in so long and have just kind of allowed myself to accept that I would just keep this useless tool inside my body forever. I know my surgeon is going to go ask about what I plan to do since my band will be removed, and this terrifies me, because although I need surgery, I am not at a place where I necessarily want it right now. Just not sure if I want to go through it all aaaaaallllll over agian. I feel as if this post is all over the place, but just needed to get that off my chest and wanted to share, because I have posted a bit about my experience. Hope everyone is having a great day =D

White Dove
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Many people now get the band revised to VSG.  If you are not ready to do that, then wait until you are ready.

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on 1/8/16 2:14 pm

You're on the right track. Remember, it's a lifestyle that's the "tool". You could just go ahead and start the eating program now. And walking is beneficial for jitters and anxiety. A nice chamomile tea perhaps. NON-caffeinated of course.

Good luck on your next phase, continue to update the folks here to garner an interest in your journey and further encouragement.

on 1/8/16 3:10 pm

White Dove and gary V. Thank you for eesponding to my post. I need all the encouragement and advice I can get! Although I've been in this game over 10 years, in some ways, it feels as if I'm new to all this! I'm going to have to reacquaint myself with everything all over again. I sure hope this ends up being like a bicycle lol

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on 1/8/16 4:26 pm

Yes it is like a bicycle. You get on a ride girl. You can do it and we are here to help.

on 1/8/16 6:49 pm

Thank you PonderosaQ. This comment made me smile 

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It prob feels good just to get to the root of the problem.   A lot of lap banders are now getting real WLS.  If the band worked well for you before it started leaking, I would think that is a good sign for your success with whatever you decide for your next step.


on 1/9/16 2:08 pm

Thanks for your response Sharon0055! Encouraging words! I CONSTANTLY question whether wls would work for me at all, whether I would be successful in the long run, and that scares the HECK out of me!!! Although I was successful with the band in the BEGINNING, here I am trying to figure out if I should get revision surgery or not. If one surgery ultimately didn't work out, does that mean that neither of them would work? I know my band developed a leak, but I wonder if it hadn't have, would I still be successful this far out? One of the surgeons I saw a few years ago told me I would be a good candidate for the sleeve. Another one discouraged me against it. Ok. That's enough if my crazy ranting racing thoughts LOL!!!

on 1/11/16 3:06 am - Millsboro, DE

I am 10 years out of RNY surgery. I was a support group leader after my surgery for years. I lost 120 lbs and gained back 50 lbs while my husband was going thru throat cancer. He past away in 2008. I am trying to get back on track myself. One thing I have learned is to do lots of research before making a decision. I would say see this Dr. and don't give up. Personally after all my research I would of had the sleeve if I had it to do over. It has a lot to do with your insurance and what they will pay for too. Most importantly don't give up on yourself. You are so worth it. See You lighter. Joanne

on 1/11/16 6:31 am

Joanne, what an encouraging message! Thank you so much!!! I hope you are finding that your tool still works for you. I'm curious as to why you say you would have the sleeve if you had it to do over?