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I say I would have the sleeve because when I had my surgery it was kind of new but a couple members in my support group had it. All have done great and you don't have vitamin issues. I have seen several complications with the lap ban and have heard in support groups how people can over eat by not getting fills. One of my friends and a niece just had the lap band removed and did RNY after having complications. I am not a fan.. I think the sleeve is the gold standard.  I had open RNY in 2005. I had a lot of complications healing. To date 8 people in my family have had RNY and 3 have had lap band. I have several friends who have had RNY and lap band. A co worker just had the sleeve about a year ago. My daughter had RNY and lost 22o lbs. Has kept it all off. My best friend and her daughter had RNY. My tool will still work. I need to work it. I just joined a Biggest Loser 12 week challenge at work. It starts today. My goal is to lose 21 lbs in the 12 weeks. I spent the weekend going thru my pantry getting all unhealthy food out and giving it away. Stocking healthy foods and doing prep work. I am now ready to really get back on track . The truth of the matter is it is all up to me. My surgery is just a tool. Let me add too that I can eat sugar and not get sick. I think this has to do with heredity for several people in my family can eat it. People not blood related ( my niece by marriage )gets sick as a dog so will not touch it while her husband who is blood related to me can eat it. No proof, just my observation. Whatever you decide is your choice and what is best for you.  See You Lighter ! Joanne

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