Where To Go???

Stacy E.
on 1/18/16 5:00 pm

 Is it more affordable to go to a hospital for surgery or a private clinic in the U.S???

(deactivated member)
on 1/18/16 5:21 pm - CA

It will depend on what your insurance covers.   Some plans only cover bariatric surgery in a hospital and not at a surgery center.   So, that is the first thing you will need to determine is if your insurance will cover a surgery center.  If you are a cash patient, you definitely want to research pricing at both a hospital and surgery center and what all that cash price covers (pre op and post-operative) 


Stacy E.
on 3/27/17 12:32 am
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Alright, thnks.

(deactivated member)
on 1/19/16 4:49 am

If you are a cash pay please consider going to Mexico. The care is wonderful and the price far more reasonable.

Stacy E.
on 1/19/16 9:18 am, edited 1/19/16 3:50 am

   Oh, I have researched intensely into surgery in Mexico already Ponderosa...lol.....it's just that my husband and I are out here in PA with our children alone and he wants to come with me of course but then who will watch the kids...we thought...without having to drive all the way to and fro to my father's in CT....so I thought let me try going through the insurance to have it done locally. I feel like I have been on a tedor todder of getting this surgery done for about a 1 year 1/2 now and I swore to myself that this year will ( spring/summer) will be the time. Because were going to Jamaica in December and I would love to go down there feeling and looking wonderful about myself....lol

(deactivated member)
on 1/19/16 11:32 am

I hope you find somewhere locally that is affordable. I understand your predicament. Having had 4 kids and no family to help out know what that does to life. I went to Mexico without my husband and but was never alone at any time. There was a member of the company's staff around at all times. My husband was unable to go with me due to health issues. It is not what we want but sometimes it is what we must do. I had no ins to cover WLS and it was just expensive in the US. You will enjoy Jamiaca. I went there on my honeymoon.

Stacy E.
on 1/19/16 11:53 am

         I found your message truly encouraging. Finally someone who knows exactly what I'm going through...lol. Thank you.


CerealKiller Kat71
on 1/19/16 10:05 am
RNY on 12/31/13

My insurance would only cover the surgery at a center of excellence: this meant one of three hospital programs in my particular state.

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