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I live in a Texas retirement community in the winter. It's so sad what is going on here. I was activity director for the past 3 years but got burned out this year. We have a club house with tables and folding chairs. They are now planning a big BBQ to raise money for all new chairs. Because so many are morbidly obese. Every day we have events that include food, lots of food. I am so terrified I will join them once again that I walked away. I was told I wouldn't understand because I was 'such a little thing' oh I understand but I wish there was a way to help other than buy bigger chairs. 

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I don't even know what to say....sad.

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Sadly it's a trend overall in society. Nearly every strip mall in our area in Illinois has a dialysis center now. We have become so busy chasing money and success that we don't want to spend time taking care of ourselves. And the saddest thing is that most of us don't even know how much better we would feel if we got up off the couch and stepped away from the fast food. And the youth are in the exact same boat too. Unfortunately we can try to encourage but we can't make a lifestyle change for anyone else.



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" We have become so busy chasing money and success that we don't want to spend time taking care of ourselves"

-OMG. This is so true and it happened to me at such a young age. While I had an undiagnosed hormonal issue, the carby fast meals of pizza, hamburger helper, rice, crackers and cheese etc did not help. 

I ate this stuff because I needed to study, or I needed to go to one of my 3 jobs. I needed fast and cheap.

Fast and cheap  helped ruined my body by the time I was 28 and the years of 28-38 were just one big nightmare.

What is the point of getting good grades and making a decent amount of money if we aren't around to enjoy it?

I just heard a stat on the radio that after the age of 40, 1 in 7 wont make it to age 65 (i.e. retirement). That is huge!  Take a look at your friends, colleagues and acquantainces and imagine 14% of them being dead.


Yikes.  So, I dont take promotions (which require more work) and I run and exercise instead. I am not killing myself for the almighty dollar. I already lost 1 decade. I am not losing the rest of it (i.e. retirement years).

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> So, I dont take promotions (which require more work) and I run and exercise instead. I am not killing myself for the almighty dollar.


I made this decision two years ago.  I burnt out and nearly killed myself because of taking my career too seriously.  I am doing well financially where I am now.  I gave up my health for financial stability.  Now it's time to take care of my health, or I won't live to see that retirement I worked so hard for and sacrificed so much for.  


I'm right with you.  I don't need to bust my ass for a promotion.  I'm lucky enough to work in a place where I can refuse extra work hours and go to the gym instead.  Or take the time to go grocery shopping and cook myself a decent meal at night instead of working.

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it also seems every other car I see has a handicap tag or Plackard. The handicapped spaced everywhere are always full. I told DH that soon there will have to be more handicap spaces than non handicapped.




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i could easily become a WLS zealot.  iv been to the ortho dr frequently lately - rot cuff surgery.  i see all these MO people like I was, and i think "how will their knees ever get really better until they get rid of 100 pounds?"  i wonder if their drs are even suggesting they look into WLS.  i feel like i should wear a button =  I used to be MO, ask me about WLS


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I would not suggest WLS to anyone who is not ready to change their lifestyle and approach to food. 

There are too many people who had WLS who initially lost a lot of weight only to regain it 2-3 years later, adding WLS related issues (like malabsorbtion of vitamins and minerals) to obesity related issues. I know enough of them IRL. 

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I wouldn't recommend WLS to anyone - I would suggest that they look into it, and as you suggest decide if it is right for them. 

The sad statistics are that 25% of people gain it all back post-WLS.  However, that compares with 95% who gain it all back without WLS.  That is the dirty little secret of the diet industry and when people really know the facts, they can more fairly evaluate if it is for them.  Once I new the facts, I was ready to take the risk and go for it.  

That is why a button is good - they can ask me if they want more info rather than my having to approach them.  There are too many misconceptions about WLS out there that could be corrected.

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It really is such a hard lifestyle change.  When I went in for WLS, I thought I was about as emotionally ready and emotionally strong as anyone could be!  (So proud I was.)  WLS has humbled me--has made me so much more aware of my eating issues--habits, anxieties, cravings, and more.  I guess I am saying it IS a huge challenge--even for people who feel ready and committed to make changes.

So, I agree that it is tricky to suggest it.

About a week ago, a neighbor and friend talked with me in-depth about WLS.  We shared so many feelings about the challenges of being MO.  I followed up with her a few times also, to be supportive as she looked into it more.  She seemed to feel quite good about it.  But then had a change of heart for personal reasons.  I respect this--it is scary physically and mentally.  But I see her, and my heart weeps for her--She is such a dear person, and is facing significant challenges from her MO--I think WLS could change her life.  But not if she is not ready for it.  It is her life, after all, and I cannot assume I understand all the factors that she must be weighing.