New NSV - Lifting Stones

on 4/18/16 8:32 am
RNY on 12/28/15

Last Fall, I designed an outdoor fire pit/patio, had the supplies delivered, and then quickly discovered I wasn't going to be able to do it.  I could barely unload a few blocks for the retaining wall before I realized I simply could not carry them.  I had to hire some college students to do the whole job, even simple stuff like unloading & stacking the blocks.

Yesterday I loaded my SUV up 3 times with patio pavers & retaining wall blocks.  Drove each load to the home improvement store I'd purchased them from, unpacked each load onto a flatbed cart, and pushed the heavy cart to the Returns desk.

All in all, I estimate that it was 1-2 pallets' worth of material (I always overbuy on supplies because I HATE having to run back to the store to buy more, plus you can't count on it matching because it could be from a different lot).

At 4 mo's post-op, I'm about 70 lbs lighter (about 1/2 way to goal).  It's easy to forget how much difference that extra 70 lbs made.  When it was on me, there was no way I could lift another 10-30 lbs up from ground level.  Yesterday I lifted all afternoon (carefully using my legs to prevent back strain), and though I was tired by the end of the day and am a bit sore this morning, I suffered no injuries at all.

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on 4/18/16 4:50 pm - Canada
RNY on 11/17/15

You must feel great after that! I love this NSV :)


I had my RNY just a bit before you in November.

Yesterday was the first really nice day in awhile.

I woke up early and went for a run, then I went and did all my errands including Cosco and parked at the end of every parking lot.

Then I came home, did some gardening, went for a bike ride, took my son out to dinner and walked.

By the end of the day I'd done so much and felt so great.

There's no way I could've done all of that last year.

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on 5/6/16 8:32 pm
RNY on 12/28/15

Wow, you are able to go running already?  That's great!

It sounds like you've built activity into your lifestyle. What a wonderful way to ensure long term success. You have inspired me to try harder!

Ht 5'6" | HW 278 | SW 264, Size 28+/4-5X | GW 135ish, Size 10-12 | CW 132, Size 8-10
Surg Date 12/28/15 | NSV Goal: Go down slide w/kid! 


Lisa F.
on 5/3/16 8:52 pm
VSG on 06/06/16

I'm prep, and love seeing these stories. Thanks for sharing. 

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