intussusception, Bypass and reversal?

Bette B.
on 4/22/16 5:19 am

My dear friend, who had bypass 12 years ago, is in the hospital today for surgery to fix a THIRD intussusception. She's terrified and justifiably so.

Have any of you had this condition and have you had it more than once? She's been told that, without a doubt, it's caused by the bypass. After having this happen three times, I have to wonder if she should consider having her bypass reversed and going with something this the sleeve.

Is a reversal even possible? 


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(deactivated member)
on 4/22/16 7:17 am

What is that?

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 4/22/16 9:04 am
RNY on 08/05/19

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on 4/22/16 8:20 am - TX

I know people have had their RNY's "taken down" - reattaching everything back to what it was and closing off the stoma.  And, yes, people have revised to the sleeve from that.  But the take down itself is serious surgery, and I'd insist on a surgeon who was experienced in that procedure.

I'm so sorry for your friend.  Swinging chickens for her!

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 4/22/16 9:05 am
RNY on 08/05/19

Reversal would be a good question for her surgeon, as it will probably depend on the current state of her digestive system.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 4/22/16 9:09 am

anyone who told her that RNy caused it and reversing it - will fix it - needs to put that in writing... and give guarantee... 

A friend of mine deal with that and she never had RNy or any other WLS surgery.   this can happen to anyone... 

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on 4/22/16 11:16 am - PA
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I would want to know what about the RNY caused this and could that be addressed?  Obstructions of small bowel was listed as post-surg complication, but I do not know if that includes this issue that your friend has. 

I hope that additional problem solving finds the root cause without surgery.


Kathy S.
on 4/22/16 12:59 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
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Hi Bette,

So sorry to hear about your friend.  My best advice is to find the most experienced surgeon with this condition and go from here.  Sending good thoughts.  

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Amy R.
on 4/23/16 8:51 am

Your friend couldn't have a better advocate than you Bette.  Jus****ching you post all of these years and seeing your vigilance makes it obvious that she is one lucky woman.

I don't know anything about any of this other that when our intestines are messed up it is serious (and highly painful) business.   Three times is way too many.  I stopped and prayed for her and I truly hope she is healed and quickly.

Hopefully she finds her answers.