Had to Turn Down My CPAP!!! :-)

on 5/26/16 8:55 pm
RNY on 12/28/15

About a month ago (i.e. about 5 months post-surgery) I started having problems with waking up painfully dry in my eyes & sinuses and witha sore throat.  I couldn't figure out why until I had to look in my CPAP's user manual for another reason; right there it said that those symptoms can occur when the pressure is too high.

Well, this totally made sense so I turned down the pressure on my CPAP and voila, the problem was solved!  And on top of that, my family recently said that I no longer snore when I fall asleep in the car (on long trips, not while driving LOL).  Apparently the weight loss has made my sleep apnea much less severe!

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on 5/26/16 11:29 pm
VSG on 05/11/15

When I got my CPap machine in Oct of 2014, the pressure was at 13 (on a scale from 5-16). Six months after my surgery, it was moved down to a 10. In April, I started having problems AGAIN and the doctor ordered another sleep study.  


When I went in for my results, he walked in and said, "So, we need to turn it down to 5."


My jaw almost dropped to the floor and I did a happy dance in my chair.   


Out of all the NSV's... this is the best gift!  

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on 5/27/16 2:58 am

I've been having the same symptoms!! My CPAP is at an 8 setting. It might be time to see the sleep specialist; I'd rather not go through a sleep study until I think I'm ready to get rid of the damn thing but I'll do what I have to do :)

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on 6/15/16 2:54 pm
RNY on 12/28/15

Cheremiste, just ask your respiratory therapist; s/he can probably make the adjustment for you!

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on 6/16/16 5:50 am

I'm planning on seeing the sleep doctor and resp therapist on July 18; Hopefully they'll just turn it down and I won't have to do a sleep study

39 y/o woman | Height 5'11"| SW 301 | CW 233 | GW 175

on 5/27/16 3:18 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 07/07/15

That's exciting news!! You must be so proud of yourself. And your family must be happy too. I had to turn down mine too. My pressure was at 13, and about 1 month post-op, I was waking up in the night with my mouth popping open. At first, I didn't realize what it was. Then I figured out it was the pressure blowing my mouth open. I am now down to a pressure of 6 when I do use it. It's a great milestone to have it turned down. Congrats!! 

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on 5/27/16 7:07 pm

That is exciting! My OSA resolved completely with my weight loss. I was trying to find a charity to take my CPAP when my sister was diagnosed. Her deductible was $5000. So not only did I get off it, it was given to someone *****ally needed it and couldn't afford it.

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