Good read: Five-Year Bariatric Surgery Glycemic Control Outcomes Impress

on 6/12/16 8:54 am - Sunny Southern, CA

For those on the WLS fence who are T2 or pre-diabetic... Five-Year Bariatric Surgery Glycemic Control Outcomes Impress (commentary on study presented at the American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Session.) Not a guarantee of resolution but odds are in your favor. y-outcomes-impress/ 

Ted Kyle (with the Obesity Society & Obesity Action Coalition, I serve with Ted on the OAC Board) posted this on his blog not too long ago. His entire blog is a great read (highly recommend)

Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Recipes & Rambling

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Good read. Thanks for sharing!



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While it didn't fix my A1C issues from PCOS, I am not surprised.  Everything regarding eating changes after WLS...from the types of food one can tolerate to the amounts...

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Three pounds below Goal!!! Yay !  

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Great article.

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