Hungry only two weeks out....uggghhhh...

on 6/16/16 7:33 pm
VSG on 06/02/16

Just curious if others were hungry only two weeks post-op?  I have been hungry all day.  I have stuck with 4oz of puree food but it feels like I could eat a bucket of food and it is not head hunger?  Has anyone else experienced this this early and if so any suggestions....Thanks for being out here for me!

Two weeks post-op and down 12 lbs from surgery and 24lbs since pre-op diet...JUST gave my scale to a friend so I can only weigh on monthly anniversary day because I will get obsessed.  Gotta' remember it is about a new way of living as much as it is about getting the pounds off, otherwise they will not stay off...and that is not an option.

Kristen...An Abundant Loser

on 6/16/16 8:17 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

I was hungry in the beginning... I thought I could east anything, until I switched to dense foods...then it wasn't so easy.

Different schools of thought on the scale. If you can get to the point where you don't let it rule you, daily weighing can be great accountability. For me daily weighing works.

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on 6/16/16 8:20 pm
RNY on 02/29/16

Yep, BTDT.  Remember, nerves in your stomach were severed, and you're so new that your body, mind and hormones are all confused.  At two weeks I swear my remnant stomach was starving, but my pouch felt full.  It won't feel like this forever, maybe another week or 2 at most.  Just trust your eating plan and stick with it.  It helped me that when I felt hungry, I took another sip of water, and kept sipping until that weird feeling went away.  It will get easier!!!

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Kelly L.
on 6/16/16 8:43 pm

It could be acid, are you on a PPI?

on 6/17/16 5:18 am
VSG on 06/02/16

I have some but have not taken them.  I will try them starting tosay.  Thanks!

Kristen...An Abundant Loser

on 6/17/16 7:14 am
RNY on 06/06/16

You seem to have a very good attitude.  Yes I too "thought" I was hungry ONE WEEK post op.  LOL.  So I started chewing sugarless gum, keep drinking ICE water, distract yourself as much as you can.  Get on this forum so you know you're not alone.  I was once told in WW when I was going that if you're hungry enough to eat green beans and they sound good, then you are truly hungry.  I've even been playing solitary to get my mind off food and taking walks has also helped.  All the best to you.

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on 6/17/16 7:53 am

I was STARVING from the moment I woke up from surgery ( as a matter of fact I used to come on here and say " I don't think my doctor DID the surgery I'm SO HUNGRY !! " lol..

In my case it took a LONG time for the head hunger ( because that's mostly what it was ) to cease and my obsession with recipes and my next meal to ease ...

As far as feeling hunger post op .. REAL hunger .. its been very rare .  Then again I never let myself get hungry pre op .. for YEARS ( unless I was dieting which was very rare )

Pre op I was a constant snacker .. and my biggest post op was constantly having the urge to put some food item in my mouth.

(((( )))) walking helps .. I got up to walk ten minutes every half hour  around the clock.  Sipping on liquids helps some too... I made a lot of thai coconut chicken soup ( fat free I substituted fat free milk and coconut extract , used chicken breast, organic chicken broth  and some fresh veggies  ) and sipped on that ...

It really does get a LOT better at week four , six and eight . 

GeekMonster, Insolent Hag
on 6/17/16 12:30 pm - CA
VSG on 12/19/13

Stomach acid mimics hunger.  That's probably what you're experiencing.

Start taking your PPI daily and see if it resolves.

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RNY on 12/22/14

What Heavens to Betsy says - I used SF Popcycles to deal with non-real hunger when simple distraction was not enough. Only 2 z of fluid that you eat slowly, so no prob with stretching your pouch.

Your body responds more normally as time goes on.


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