I'm Furious! Bugs in my Cubbard...in my Stored Food

on 8/25/16 10:39 am

Im looking in my Cubbard for ingredients to make some Oatmeal Cookies for my boyfriend. I look inside a container that I thought was air tight with flour in it. I see a million worms and little black bugs inside on the top of it. Looking through out the rest of it are even more worms.. I also had a container of Fiber One Cereal in a container that has the same thing.

Maybe the wrong type of containers I'm using, would someone post for me a for sure type of air tight container that WILL Keep bugs out of my foods?Thanks a bunch... Wendy

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on 8/25/16 11:01 am

I just opened a bag of Oatmeal that has never been opened and its full of worms and little black bugs............Immma bout to eat all these bugs..... Did someone say, Protein in them bugs?!!!!   dang it! J/K

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on 1/12/20 11:10 pm

I know that's an old topic but this that's still relevant. I had the same trouble and think that you should know how I deal with such bugs. First of all, try to locate their nest. It might be anywhere, but in my case, it's always near the kitchen sink. Then I perform some extreme house cleaning to dispose of and after that, I do as this blog suggested and spread permethrin based insecticide everywhere. Then I just leave for a couple of days. It usually works with gnats, flies and some types of moths.

Valerie G.
on 8/25/16 12:48 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

They are called pantry moths.  Many come in the food already, and left on the shelf long enough, will hatch and thrive...and breed.  I got them once from some dog food and they invaded the pantry, too.

You'll want to remove everything from your cupboards, put them in the freezer to kill the bugs and spray the heck out of it and clean it out. 

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Kathy S.
on 8/25/16 1:06 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

OH Valerie, did you say they are already in our food  I feel like 

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on 8/25/16 1:29 pm

this happened to me once too. i'm not sure how they got in but they ended up invading the whole pantry. i threw everything out and then bleached and disinfected it like crazy. 

it's gross, sorry. 

on 8/25/16 2:56 pm
RNY on 06/27/16

I keep the flour in the bag it came in but just keep in the fridge.... No bugs

on 8/26/16 10:44 am
RNY on 12/29/14

I feel your pain.  I still have PTSD from last fall when we got mice in our basement storage where we had not just stored food, but also stored craft stuff, camping stuff, keepsakes, books, etc.  IT WAS AWFUL!!  I trapped and killed at least 8 mice, I saw baby mice, I called an exterminator.  We had to move everything out of the room, and it is a big room.  We wiped every shelf and every single bottle or bin.  We sorted through everything.  We sealed with that expanding foam every single crack or crevice we could find in the room.  I hate vermin in my food.

on 8/27/16 1:02 am

Someone told me they were miller moths.  I got them from some bird food at the pet store.  I got rid of everything in the cupboards and still dealt with them for a long time.

Finally when I moved I didn't take any food with me and started fresh and haven't had them since.


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