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Hey everyone. So I went to get my psyche eval for bariatric clearance about 2 weeks ago with this liscenced counselor/ social worker . She's not who my surgeon recommended but I went with her because I couldn't get an appointment with the recommended psychologist and he's out of network with my insurance. 

I had the session with the counselor and never heard anything from her or my surgeon's office since. I called back there this morning and she tells me at this time , she does not believe I would benefit from surgery. This is my last step before my last dietician's appointment and submitting all of my information to the insurance company for approval. She said she would like to have another session with me to see if she would change her mind. Also, after our last meeting she stated that I would benefit from counseling to which I'm completely confused. I have no issues whatsoever. I'm in a happy relationship, quit smoking a year ago, never used substances a day in my life, I don't drink . I literally have no issues in my life besides wanting a healthier lifestyle and choosing bariatric surgery where regular dieting and exercising has failed me. 

I apologize for the long post but I'm just confused and a little angry. Has anyone been at this point? 

Update: hey everyone, thanks for the feedback. I went back for my follow up appointment and she gave me the approval. She stated that she was concerned because I had gained weight in my last weight in ( days after thanksgiving) so she felt like I didn't understand the severity of the lifestyle change. *sigh... 

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You need to go to a license psychologist. Forget a LPC/LMSW. Pay the money out of pocket.

BTW PhD trumps LPC everytime
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It's irrelevant which you go to.  In fact, most of us are asked over some licensed psychologists if it is our expertise.  Many psychologists are not trained in bariatric assesssments.  All MA-level clinicians get the same basic training in assessing, except for the MMPI, the WISC, the WAIS, and other neuropsychological testing.  You are wasting your money if you pay out of pocket to see a psychologist just for the PhD.  In fact, I had administered one of the tests I took for my own surgical bariatric assessments for my surgery more than the psychologist who did my testing had!

If you honestly want the best licensure insurance accepts it's a psychiatrist, actually.  MD trumps PhD all the time for any surgical evaluation.  If you're going to waste your money, may as well pay for the best, eh?


I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

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in terms of evaluations....if LMSW had already submitted an evaluation- a PhD would trump the report. I agree for counseling-I'd go to a LPC or LMSW..maybe a psy-D....PhD's are more for Dx or in the case of neuropsychological testing.

Yes MD always trumps PhD-- but most insurance companies will require a psychological evaluation...and while I suppose you could go to a psychiatrist they are usually better for writing prescriptions over any type of counseling. Although, I personally do not always see the value of prescribing medications without talk therapy....that is not an absolute-but talk I've seen way too many doctors prescribe anti-anxiety meds omg term, when what was really needed was short term medication and long term counseling!

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Besides...her doctor had recommend a psychologist that would have been very educated on bariatric surgery and unless she exibited some type of psychosis, or blatantly said that she would do something self sabotaging post surgery.... would have probably given her an approval letter.
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She may have a bias against bariatric surgery. I would pay the out of pocket money and go to who the surgeon suggest. 

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The guy had been playing phone tag with me for weeks!!! ( his voicemail goes to his cell phone and he calls back himself). Then he tells me he can't pull up my insurance information and called BCBS and I wasn't found ( BCBS couldn't validate his story) , not to mention that his office is an hour away from home . I was almost relieved that he wasn't in my network. THAT'S the guy that was recommended. He may have been great for everyone else. Not me though. Then I made a list of psychologists in my area and struck out each time. I got this "counselor's"  information from one of the offices I called. I had to call my surgeon's office to verify that they would accept an evaluation from her. I guess I need to make a post and request recommendations for a psychologist in the Northern Atlanta area.

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I guess it depends on what your objective is.  I thought yyou were looking to have bariatruc surgery.  If that's really the case, then there is one obvious answer and your surgeon's office has given it to you.  They provided you with the name of a doctor who they recommend and who the majority of their patients use.  They recommend him for a reason - he has a favorable opinion of bariatric surgery and, barring flagrant and obvious signs that you will sabotage yourself or be non-compliant, he will give you the approval you seek and the surgeon requires.

So put on your big girl panties and make the appointment with the recommended doctor.   Pay out of pocket if necessary and take the time and drive the distance required to take care of this.  Otherwise you come across as less than serious about doing what is required to get your surgery and to do what is required to stay healthy afterward.  Is that really the message you want to send?



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Ugh that happened to me 10 years ago when I tried to get WLS!!! She kept telling me her best friend was overweight and perfectly happy so I should be too, and then prescribed me an antidepressant!!! I wasn't depressed LOL and you can ask anybody who knows me, depression is not in my character. What a quack she was!!!

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