Losing teeth after WLS surgery ?

on 3/3/17 5:24 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm scheduled for surgery on Monday 3/06/17 . I was researching some last minute things i might need online when i came across an article with all these people that had WLS ( most RNYers ) who had started losing their teeth at an alarming rate. they all claimed to have the best hygiene and taking their vitamins religiously. I already have a very charitable set of teeth. i honestly can't afford to lose any more.

I check on this site to see if the topic had been addressed in the past. I noticed it hadn't been talked about since 2015. Also a lot of members where deactivated. Has anyone here experienced this? Especially members that are several years out of surgery? I'm aware of side effects but this one has me super nervous. :(

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on 3/3/17 7:03 pm
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Hi, the teeth thing is a fear of mine too. Like, I'm crazy, almost religious about my dental health. I actually I have nightmares about my teeth rotting and crumbling away. So the idea of my teeth falling out is the worst-if anything would stop me from getting surgery it would be this. But, my surgeon assures me that if I stay on top of my vitimins and minerals, it shouldn't be an issue. Also, you can ask your dentist for prescription strength tooth paste, and biotin (not sure on spelling) mouth wash should also help.

Also if you have reflux, this could be a part of the reason your teeth are struggling now. The acid will erode and weaken your teeth. I'm hoping that by getting rid of my reflux via RNY might actually help.

As to your question about deactivation. It's my understanding that several veterans changed their name to deactivated to protest censorship. Also I'm sure some people just leave once they get healthy and feel they no longer need this resource.

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on 3/3/17 9:01 pm

No tooth loss height loss or cavities here .. five plus years post op.

This was probably my biggest worry too along with osteoporosis.. and my recent dexa scan ( bone density test ) came back "normal "

I am not sure that taking huge amounts of calcium really helps I take citracal only when I crave it once or twice a week. I've also read that excess calcium causes bone loss and helps harden the arteries- I'm not sure but my body refuses to take more in pill form and I don't force it - however I use lots of fat free powdered milk in just about everything I drink and cook and eat a lot of high calcium veggies like Kale cabbage broccoli ..

on 3/3/17 9:39 pm

Thanks guys for the replies. I'm seriously thinking about all the advantages that come with this surgery and I'm back on it. I just need to get more information from my surgeon, my co workers that had this surgery and get a great dentist as soon as I can.

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on 3/4/17 6:29 am
RNY on 06/03/15

it happens but from what I can tell, it's not very common. Keep on top of your calcium and vitamin D (as well as your other supplements, of course), and let your dentist know you've had surgery. If he/she is not aware of this potential (but unlikely) side effect, tell them you've read that some people have had problems with teeth rotting or falling out. My dentist said he's never seen this in any of his RNY patients, but he said if it happens, it'd be most likely due to excess acid in the saliva. He prescribed that super-high-fluoride toothpaste that the above poster was talking about. I use it every night before going to bed (you spit out the excess but don't rinse, so your teeth have a fluoride bath all night). He also puts a "fluoride varnish" on my teeth every six months. He said doing these two things will go a long way in preventing decay.

The biotin mouthwash the other poster mentioned is a good idea, too - it keeps your mouth wet because dry mouth can cause bacteria to grow. Things with xylitol (SF gum or mints that specifically saw they have xylitol in them) can keep it wet as well, but the biotin mouthwash is better (my cousin who's a dental hygienist told me this).

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Valerie G.
on 3/4/17 7:55 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I'm 11 years from DS surgery. I've not lost anything. The causes I've seen over the years are suspiscion of poor calcium levels and acid erosion from either reflux or excessive vomiting.

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on 3/4/17 8:12 am - CA

I have had some issues with my teeth, but the extent of my problem has been due to a Root Canal that was done incorrectly. I have not had any other issues with my teeth, that I can attribute to having WLS. The best course is to see your Dentist for regular periodontal visits after your surgery and be diligent in taking your vitamins. They are required for life and you need to have labs done regularly to ensure your levels are within normal limits.

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Be sure to update us on how you are doing, once you get home from the hospital!